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Those interested should only fill out the form available on the website of this initiative and will be eligible for these free trainings.

The Entrepreneurship Office of the University of La Serena, together with Corfo, invite all students of higher education in the Coquimbo Region to apply to this 19 in March for the third call "Startup Phase Zero: Prepare to Undertake." '.' 'Startup Phase Zero: Prepare to Undertake' ', is a program funded by the Government of Chile, through Corfo and the University of La Serena, whose aim is to develop the key skills to undertake, through methodologies of early validation, generation of contact networks and financing. The program seeks for its participants to strengthen their abilities to detect opportunities in the market and deliver solutions that generate value through the development of a new business.

The calls to undertake are open to all houses of higher education, counting on the support of Corfo, through the "Development Program of the Innovative Entrepreneurship Ecosystem of the Coquimbo Region", which has partnerships with all the institutions of higher education in the Region.

The activities will be carried out in the premises of the University of La Serena, starting the March 20 with a '' Coaching Global Thinking '', which will serve those selected to develop in an introductory manner some specific skills related to entrepreneurship. Subsequently, 27, 28 and 29 will be part of the "Startup Essentials" this month, an activity that seeks to build and validate ideas with current business development methodologies.

Finally, the best ideas will be selected for a public or private funding search process. Applications will be open until the 19 of March of the 2014, through the Application Form that is available at www.startupcoquimbo.cl/uls. All the details of the call and programmed activities can be found on the social networks Facebook (StartUpFase0) and Twitter (@StartupCoquimbo).