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English room 1

The initiative framed in the policy promoted by Rectoría to improve the spaces of the different units of the institution, will allow the development of classes and other activities to the careers of Pedagogy in English and Journalism.

University authorities, headed by the Rector Dr. Nibaldo Avilés Pizarro, directors and representatives of the Student Centers of English Language Education and Journalism, among other guests, participated in the inauguration ceremony of the improvement works of the Pedagogy Studies Room in English, located in the vicinity of the Campus Andrés Bello Casino.

Among the actions that had to be carried out to condition the space was considered the removal of the existing wooden floor, which was replaced by new ceramics and the installation of dust covers throughout its perimeter, the installation of partition walls in metalcon and Rh vulcanite (anti humidity) , renovation of windows and frames in matte aluminum, installation of new access door in oregon pine, moisture insulation of slabs by means of metal and polycarbonate structure in one and two waters, with descent towards channels that direct the water towards the exterior of the room, construction of a wall in block masonry, to support the windows and aluminum profiles installed in its upper part, in addition to painting the entire room.

To this is added the installation of American sky in the entire upper surface, the renovation and improvement of lighting fixtures, plugs and switches, the installation of lattices to allow the correct ventilation of the polycarbonate sky and the installation of iron protections in all the windows outside.

The Rector of the University of La Serena, Dr. Nibaldo Avilés, expressed his satisfaction for delivering these works aimed especially at students. '' These works, obey an obvious priority of this administration, which has endeavored to renew the spaces, infrastructure and equipment of the institution, always thinking about the needs, comfort and safety of all of us who are part of the University, in special, of our students. This policy of improving infrastructure, as a result of ordering and focusing budgets on quality, is one of the axes we have undertaken with a vision of the future, thus allowing the development of numerous works, "the authority emphasized.

In this same sense, the director of Teaching of the ULS, Mg. Laura Vega, said that these advances are part of a program promoted by the current administration and is carried out through specific projects that each unit develops. "We can see that a plan has been installed to improve the facilities for teaching, with the diagnosis of infrastructure and equipment needs," he explained.

It should be noted that the students of Pedagogy in English began with the tasks of improvement, dedicating long hours of work in the search of greater comfort for the study room. Felipe Pizarro, president of the CEC of Pedagogy in English, pointed out that the issue of reparation was pending a long time ago. "It cost us a lot but we managed the resources, we worked hard and now it was finally possible thanks to the management of the career director, whom we thank for their contribution. This room will allow to create instances of greater university life within the race, "he said.

On the other hand, Dr. Berta San Martín, director of the School of Pedagogy in Humanities, referred to the potential of this longed-for venue. '' It has many benefits, since (the students) have a better space of studies that feel very own, for the dedication that they have put in improving it and adapting it, for being a place for preparation of tasks, a meeting place and that In short, it reinforces the identity with the career and the University. The School gives them material such as magazines to teach English, books and necessary material to prepare their classes, therefore it is a real contribution, "he said.

On the occasion, a modern Smart Borrad interactive digital whiteboard was also delivered to strengthen the learning dynamics of future teachers.

English room 3Continuing with the activities, we proceeded to know the improvements made to the 113 room, part of the Journalism program, where a complete renovation was carried out consisting of the improvement of the floor, replacement of the carpet by porcelain, the installation of the American sky and the replacement of luminaires. In addition, it was completely painted, the furniture was changed for comfortable chairs and the network connections were improved, with this the standard was equated to the rest of the rooms in the sector.

'' The improvement of this room benefits and facilitates the learning of students and the relationship they have with teachers. It allows for more flexible, more dynamic activities and they are also more comfortable, due to the time they spend in the classrooms, so they can take advantage of new technologies in a better way, "said the director of the School of Journalism, Dr. Arlyn Orellana.

The students received the changes very well, as stated by the president of the Student Center of the Journalism Career, Francisco Pizarro. "It is a very important advance, it is a great effort made by the University, based on the resources it has, and that is why we invite our colleagues to value this," said the student.

English room 2Likewise, the corporation has developed a systematic and coordinated work to promote the social and educational inclusion of students with disabilities, providing technical support and services so that they can face the training programs. Proof of this is the provision of hygienic services for people with disabilities, which represents a concrete contribution to the real access possibilities for all students.

New vehicles

Finally, two new Peugeot vans were delivered, which increase the fleet of institutional vehicles, thereby improving the efficiency of institutional management.