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delivery notebooks

This leveling allows young people to reinforce the entrance behaviors or basic knowledge necessary to study the different subjects that contemplate their undergraduate careers.

In the Alejandro Covarrubias room of the Central House, the 25 notebooks were delivered to the professors of the University of La Serena who attend first-year students who require special attention for the leveling of entry behaviors. In the activity organized by the Academic Vice-rectory, through the Teaching Directorate, which is part of the celebration of the 33 anniversary of the ULS, were present the Rector, Dr. Nibaldo Avilés, members of the Board of Directors, senior authorities , deans, directors, department and school directors, and academics of the corporation.

The teachers who received these equipments with Intel Core i3 processor, are in charge of the subjects of the first years and they carry out their classes to students of the quintiles 1, 2 and 3 in the different careers of the institution.

Dr. Nibaldo Avilés stressed that this equipment seeks to support "the planning of teaching actions to address with equity the diversity of the characteristics of the students of our Institution, thus facilitating the student's transition to Higher Education." In addition, the highest university authority indicated that the implementation and improvement of teaching spaces are consistent with the guidelines of the Strategic Development Plan and the Educational Model.

In this sense, the director of Teaching, Mg. Laura Vega, said that one of the purposes of the Educational Model is that "the University, through its macro units and units, provide teachers with strategies and different tools so that they can take on the curricular changes and the new demands that these changes mean. '', pointing out that this type of actions point to this direction, as well as the renovation of furniture and equipment and the improvements in the infrastructure of rooms and laboratories, the creation of the Unit for Teacher Improvement, the courses of strengthening of skills teachers and the various workshops aimed at teachers who teach classes to first-year students.

It should be noted that this delivery of modern equipment to teachers is in addition to the one carried out at 2013 as part of the Alma Mater ULS project, financed by the Strengthening Fund of the Universities of CRUCH - MINEDUC and running the Dean's Office, the Academic Vice-Rectory, the Vice-Presidency of Matters Economic and Administrative and the Direction of Institutional Studies and Planning of this house of superior studies.