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6866With a call from the dean, Mg. Jorge Fernández to the students who enter the University this year to take broad participation in their learning -and that complements the message sent by the Rector, Dr. Nibaldo Avilés-, the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences of the University of La Serena ( FACSE-ULS) began the traditional program of Welcome and Orientation to University Life with which it receives its new students.

Dean Fernández Labra participated in the 3 ceremonies developed for the set of more than 330 new revenues that this year the FACSE receives in its classrooms at the Enrique Molina Garmendia and Andrés Bello Campus. The academic authority invited the young people to be the protagonists of their training in terms of assuming the responsibility of becoming suitable professionals at the service of the country and for the benefit of their own well-being and that of their family. He said that this requires a permanent task in terms of acquiring the necessary knowledge for his training, a process in which - he indicated - will be accompanied by the faculty of the University.

In addition, the dean recalled that the University of La Serena is the only state university in the Coquimbo Region, already centenary for being the heir of traditional schools and whose primary purpose `` is to train professionals under ethical and value principles and has never had as goal a way of enrichment but provide your students with the strongest teaching. ''

"His own effort, responsibility, persistence and perseverance are essential to fulfill the objective of having a degree," he said.

The programs that are fulfilling the six careers attached to the FACSE-Audit, Commercial Engineering, Engineering in Business Administration, Journalism, History and Geography and Law-, also include the program taught by the Teaching Directorate for all schools of the ULS , diverse activities of approach to the respective specialties, the beginning of some classes, the work with teachers and the information knowledge of each unit.