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The professional was in charge of the training of teachers in the Workshop '' Building our Study Plan ''.

maria teresaIn the framework of the process of curricular change that is going through the specialty of Psychology of the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences of the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, the days 10, 11 and 12 of March, the academic of the Department of Psychology of the University of La Serena, Dr. María Teresa Juliá J, was invited by the Curriculum Design Commission (CDC) of Psychology of the Peruvian institution.

The reason for his visit was to collaborate with the CDC in the implementation of the new Curriculum, as well as the training of teachers in the Workshop '' Building Our Study Plan '', organized by the CDC the March 12. The main objectives of the workshop were the training in teaching-learning strategies and the strategies of the monitoring and evaluation process in the competency-oriented curriculum, basis of the New Psychology Study Plan. In the workshop participated the professors of the Department of Psychology, as well as the authorities of the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences, the Faculty of Education, the Directorate of Academic Affairs and teachers of the University Teaching Institute and the Academic Directorate of Strategic Planning.

During the visit, the ULS academic shared her perspective and experience in the curricular change process of the Network of State Universities in Chile, supporting the reflection process and underlining the need for collaborative work by all the actors involved. On the other hand, he appreciated the progress made by the CDC in Psychology and the importance of collaborative partnerships with the different university institutions.