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The highest university authority stressed that the conditions in which the institution is currently located, allow us to look towards a site of greater relevance, which translates into the ULS consolidating itself as a research university and doctorates in selective areas.

In the renovated Aula Magna of the Ignacio Domeyko Campus, the Official Act of Inauguration of the Academic Year 2014 of the University of La Serena and the 2013 public account of the Rector of the house of higher studies, Dr. Nibaldo Avilés Pizarro, framed act was held on the 33º anniversary of the institution and attended by Mayor Hanne Utreras, Senator Adriana Muñoz, regional, communal authorities, the Armed Forces and Order and Security, as well as members of the university community and special guests.

On the occasion, the highest university authority highlighted the qualitative leap experienced by the institution in the last seven years and the results obtained as a university community.

2 accountAmong the progress made, he highlighted the obtaining of economic resources for the construction of the units that will replace the Coquimbo Campus in the city of La Serena, which amount to $ 4.250 million and that were allocated by the National Regional Development Fund (FNDR ), through the Regional Government of Coquimbo. "This administration assumed the commitment to manage this project and today, in the celebration of our institutional anniversary, we can say with great pride that we have fulfilled," he said.

Within the institutional management, he pointed out that the organic structure has been reinforced with the creation of new units and offices, responding to the requirements of the current management of the universities. "This consolidation is also based on the results of the accreditation processes, both career and institutional, which demonstrate continuous improvement," said the Rector.

As for teaching, he explained that the offer of undergraduate programs was increased and the curricular renewal of the careers began. He also stressed that the indicators of physical and electronic bibliographic material have been improved, and a systematic improvement of rooms, laboratories and other units for students has been completed, along with the renovation of equipment and furniture.

Among the investments destined exclusively for the equipment of the laboratories used in teaching, there is the Preclinical Laboratory for Dentistry that includes 19 simulation models or phantoms. For the Kinesiology career, the Biomechanics and Motion Analysis Laboratory was enabled, in addition to the Therapeutic Physiotherapy and Gymnasium Laboratory equipped with eight ergonomic stretchers. The Central Anatomy Laboratory was also enabled, which has modern equipment that places it at the level of the best laboratories of this type, and which has an 3D anatomical bisectional table, along with 250 latest generation anatomical models.

3 accountMajor equipment was also acquired for the Faculty of Engineering, in the departments of Civil Works, Mining Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Architecture and Food Engineering. "These investments destined to the Faculty of Engineering constitute the first investment in major equipment made after the 1970 year," he said. To this must be added other important contributions in equipment and improvement of physical spaces of the departments of other faculties, such as: Chemistry, Biology, Arts and Letters, Education, Social Sciences, Agronomy, Physics, Economic and Business Sciences, among others .

In turn, he commented that the process of preparation of the project and tender for the building of the Law degree and the Dental Clinic of the Dentistry career was initiated, both initiatives are fully funded for its execution.

On the other hand, during the public account, Dr. Avilés addressed the advances in Research, stating that a policy of strong incentive to this activity and scientific productivity was implemented, increasing the promotion programs implemented by the DIULS and the resources available for it. "Today the ISI / SciELO academic productivity academic allocation is a reality," he said.

The institutional policy in the field of scientific research, implemented during the last seven years, has allowed the notable increase in scientific works, published by academics and researchers of the ULS, as well as the awarding of external projects, achieving historical indicators in scientific productivity.

University of La Serena towards superior quality

In addition, the Rector of the ULS was emphatic in pointing out that after the third institutional accreditation process, it can be ensured that the areas of undergraduate teaching, relationship with the environment and institutional management are fully consolidated. The conditions in which our University is currently located allow us, after this third accreditation process, to look towards a place of greater relevance. This translates into the fact that the University of La Serena consolidates itself as a University of research and doctorates in selective areas. ''

For this - he explained - it is relevant `` the way we plan and implement what we should do. Therefore, in the next revision of our PED Strategic Development Plan, this challenge must be incorporated. ''

'' And we have called this challenge 'the University of La Serena towards superior quality'. For this, the ULS must focus its new Strategic Development Plan to meet these goals, considering that this requires an organization, resources and a team of top-level researchers, `` said the highest university authority, adding that it is essential that introduce more specific lines of action, "so that in the medium term we have five accredited doctoral programs and, in the long term, eleven accredited doctorates to achieve maximum levels of excellence."

"What we intend is to consolidate a University of research and doctorates in selective areas," said the Rector, pointing out that in this aspect "we must also bear in mind that it is imperative to resolve the issue of academic and civil servants, as well as , regarding the civil service career and the definitive solution of the people who have been hiring for a long time. ''

Finally, he said that `` the road to a university of excellence is already drawn. I invite you to participate in this great project that will lead our institution to be recognized as the only state university in the Coquimbo Region, of superior quality. ''

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During this solemn act, Senator Adriana Muñoz gave the Keynote Talk `` Education, Essential Law for a society of equals '', where she presented some reflections on the situation of education in our country and the perspectives and commitments that each one has for Carry out substantive and fundamental changes that are placed on the legislative agenda as the first priority.

On the public account of Rector Aviles, the senator said that the University of La Serena is an example of a higher education institution, because despite the low funding she receives, `` but with a deep conviction and passion for public education, It shows these levels of progress and development. ''