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20 and 30 officials
Within the framework of the Inauguration ceremony of the 2014 Academic Year and the commemoration of the 33 anniversary of the University of La Serena, held in the Aome Magna of the Ignacio Domeyko Campus, the institution distinguished the officials of the house of studies that meet 20 and 30 years of service, recognizing in this way the dedication of each one in the performance of their work.

This is how the vice-rector for Economic and Administrative Affairs, Dr. Marcela Aguirre, presented a medal and a diploma to officials Mario Álvarez (General Services), Ingrid Balbontín (School of Design), Nelson Campaña (General Services), Juan Canihuante (General Services), Guillermo Ríos (Dept. of Physical Education and Sports), Sandro Torres (DGAE), Juan Carlos Villalobos (General Services) and Beatriz Pamela Villanueva (Kindergarten), who have served 20 for the ULS.

In the same way, the officials received Eliana Barahona (maintenance staff), Sergio Barraza (CETECFI), Claudio Cerda (D. of Mobilization), Eduardo Cortés (Dept. Mechanical Engineer), Carmen Cortés (Dept. of Chemistry) , Adela González (Dept. of Student Health), Lucía Hernández (Rectoría), Tomás Mundaca (General Services), Oscar Orellana (General Services), Felipe Oros (CICULS), Pablo Ramos (General Services), Carlos Rodríguez (General Services) , Ana Margarita Segovia (Kindergarten), Luis Trigo (Dept. of Supplies) and Jhonny Valdivia (General Services), with 30 years of service in the institution.

Official Merit Award

This year, the Award for Official Merit, a prize instituted by Rectoría, went to Wilma Jeraldo, secretary of the Decanatura de Ingeniería, who received the distinction from the Rector, Dr. Nibaldo Avilés.