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Young people participated enthusiastically receiving support in methodologies and skills specific to entrepreneurship.

With a fruitful talk began the training activities of the program '' StartUp Phase 0 '', promoted by the University of La Serena and Corfo, which brought together 60 university students, as well as recent graduates from different houses of higher education in the Coquimbo Region.

The program takes its third generation and promotes an innovative work methodology; which arrives in the area through the entrepreneurship program promoted by the Government of Chile, through Corfo. Gustavo Dubó, regional director (s) of this entity, invited young people to dream, "to dare to create their own businesses, because although it is valid to go out and look for work after university, it is also to generate their own company and give employment to others, for which there is the help of State institutions, such as Corfo ''.

This is how the "Coaching Global Thinking" was a success, the first stage of the third generation of the '' StartUp Phase 0 '' ULS, which sought to teach key concepts to innovate and develop some specific skills for the entrepreneurship; In addition, in this first activity, participants were introduced to some of the current methodologies of business development, demolishing some myths, as well as updating concepts in this area.

For the speaker of the day, Javier Traslaviña, a professor at the Adolfo Ibáñez University, this is an instance in which participants can meet and clarify their doubts globally, in matters of entrepreneurship and innovation. '' This activity is raised as a provocation, literally, so that they can mature their business ideas and ideas and if they do not inspire them to look for opportunities, to be able to develop interesting business ideas and from that the participants can then with other tools or other methodological bases to work them out, since an entrepreneur takes everything that is useful for the project and does not remain alone with a line of work, "he said.

Next week the participants will be part of the "Startup Essentials" on 27,28 and 29 days of March, an activity that will seek to build and validate ideas with the current business development methodologies, and finally, the best ideas will be selected for a search process. public or private financing in the region.

As a result of previous versions of this program, only with regard to Corfo, 10 regional seed capital projects have been approved, an instrument that provides co-financing that can reach 25 million pesos.