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teacher certification

In the Alejandro Covarrubias room of the Central House, the Certification Ceremony for the Teaching Skills Strengthening Courses, Second Semester 2013, was held, in which 53 academics from the University of La Serena participated.

During the Second Semester 2013, the Teaching Directorate, through the Unit for Teacher Improvement, organized courses that addressed topics such as: Development of student's discursive competences: Comprehensive Reading; Development of Strategies for the Autonomous Learning of the student; Formulation of learning outcomes; PDI: interactive whiteboard; Google Apps for teaching; Use of Teleclasses as a teaching strategy for active learning; Concept maps and collaborative learning with CmapTools; Database; Bibliographic Search Manager; PREZI as a tool for Teaching; Strategies for the evaluation of learning: A practical experience; Didactics of the teaching of mathematics; Active methodologies in the teaching-learning process: Generating active learning; Higher education and special educational needs: Methodological adaptations; System of Transferable Academic Credits (SCT) in the ULS; and Excel as a tool for teacher management.

teacher certification 2In total, 147 were the professors participating in this initiative in 2013, belonging to the four faculties, '' who have incorporated into their work new methods of teaching, more attractive to students and according to the Educational Model of the University of La Serena ' ', said the Rector, Dr. Nibaldo Avilés, who added that as part of the implementation of the Educational Model, "the institution has considered fundamental the improvement of the internal capacities of the body and culture teachers, stimulating and promoting the improvement and continuous training through general and sectorial plans. Towards this purpose these courses of improvement point.

The academic vice chancellor, Dr. Jorge Catalán, stressed that this certification "is another demonstration of how we advance, deploying our potentials systemically, progressively increasing the quality of education, prioritizing teaching and having teacher development as a key aspect for the fulfillment of our missionary option '', pointing out that the institutional policies guide the actions that have given a strong impetus to the improvement and the teacher's qualification to face the new challenges.

In addition, he pointed out that the curricular renewal of all the University's careers makes it necessary to develop new conceptions of training processes on the part of academics and new competencies to implement them, "a task that the Teaching Directorate is assuming with remarkable success. the Teacher Improvement Unit ''. In this regard, he added that along with the support for the leveling of skills of students, this unit has been advising curricular renewal in all faculties and the empowerment of teachers through various actions, among which especially the realization of 16 courses in the last year that have had the commitment and participation of a considerable number of academics.

In the ceremony, framed in the commemoration of the XXXIII anniversary of the ULS, were present university authorities, deans, directors and academics of the house of higher studies.