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In what constitutes his first visit to the capital of the Coquimbo Region, Ambassador Adolfo Curbelo expressed his intention to establish ties that allow the development of cultural activity and the improvement of students and academics from both countries.

A fruitful meeting was held at the Central House of the University of La Serena, the ambassador of Cuba in our country, Adolfo Curbelo, and the highest university authority, Dr. Nibaldo Avilés.

On the occasion, the Rector of the ULS thanked the diplomat and the delegation that accompanied him, also composed of José Miguel Hernández, in charge of Political Affairs, and Luis Aguilera, president of the Society of Writers of Chile, Coquimbo Region, among other regional representatives.

"It was very important to come to visit this house of studies, there is a very special bond with this region thanks to the figure of Gabriela Mistral. In Cuba there is a Gabriela Mistral Chair, because it is a well-known and beloved personality in our country. It is necessary to stimulate the academic contact that allows deepening this relationship, "said the diplomat.

The meeting was conducive to hold the first conversations about future joint activities, especially in cultural matters, in order to carry out, among others, an intense work of compilation and subsequent publication of texts around the figure of the famous Gabriela Mistral and his writings on his stay on the island in the 50 decade and the figure of José Martí and Cuban culture. To this is added the intention to generate academic activities related to both characters.

That is why the director of Extension of the ULS, Dr. Catalina Cvitanic, and the director of the Mistral Center, Dr. Rolando Manzano, also participated in this meeting, who outlined the possibility of carrying out different cultural and artistic exchange initiatives in the future, destined to promote knowledge about the identity of both nations.

At the end of the meeting both authorities shared a gift and promised to continue the necessary conversations to finalize in the coming months the first activities together