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The facilities specifically designed for both careers are among the most modern in Latin America and will allow students to make significant progress in the diagnosis and treatment of their future patients.

In the framework of its XXXIII anniversary, the only state institution takes a new and significant step to realize the implementation of new laboratories and infrastructure for careers in Kinesiology and Dentistry.

'' The systematic improvement of rooms, laboratories and other facilities for students, along with the renovation of equipment and furniture, are actions that aim to respond to the various requirements of our students and represent the commitment to quality that we have assumed several years; It is a pride for our University, "said the Rector of the ULS, Dr. Nibaldo Avilés.

Among the exclusive investments made for the benefit of professional training of students, is the allocation of $ 100 million for the Preclinical Laboratory for Dentistry that includes 19 simulation models or phantoms.
In addition, the Clinical Gypsum Laboratory was approved, the First Aid Room for the distribution of supplies and the Sterilization Room with a value of $ 10 million each.

odo kine 2As explained by the director of the career of Dentistry, Mg. Cristian Oyanadel, '' in simulation models or phantoms, students learn what they will later have to apply with patients, if they do not go through this stage, it is impossible for them to perform well in the clinic. While the Gypsum Laboratory is a complement to the preclinical, since not all the works are done in the mouth and they must also learn the work of dental laboratory and handling of the materials, among others, to better perform their task ''.

The students were pleasantly surprised with the innovations in equipment, which will begin to be used immediately in the laboratories. ''This is very important for us. It seems very good to have these teams in the ULS that we did not imagine what they were going to be, therefore, seeing that they are modern, allows us to know that they will help us practice and learn more to get better prepared, "said Marcos Pizarro. second year student of Dentistry.

'' Our University of La Serena has declared in its policy of undergraduate teaching, incorporated within the framework of its institutional Strategic Development Plan (PED), the interest of developing undergraduate training processes in a framework of quality and relevance. On the other hand, the corporation at the time of creating new careers, raised the strategic need to face great risks and turn them into improvement actions that seek to mobilize the institution from a state of consolidation to a state of competitiveness, "said the director of the ULS, the Mg. Laura Vega, who also added the importance of '' contributing to the consolidation of the health area as an important pole of attraction for academically talented students from the region and why not say about the country ''.

Also, the director said that "the profile of these careers based on significant learning experiences and with greater intensity in the field of practice, offers an important opportunity to familiarize students, through early practices, with learning and performance in real work environments, ensuring the pertinence of their training and providing them with comparative advantages over private training offers available in the macro-north zone. "

Kinesiology Laboratories

For the career of Kinesiology, the Biomechanics and Motion Analysis Laboratory was installed, which includes an inertial motion analysis system, a wireless electromyograph, a post-aerographic analysis system, a rehabilitation treadmill and a platform for March and two ergonomic bicycles, which had an investment of $ 127 million. Also for the Kinesiology career, the Physical Therapy and Therapeutic Gym Laboratory was equipped with 8 ergonomic stretchers, with an investment of $ 6 million.

odo kine 3'' From the first semester of 2014, students begin to work in the subject of biomechanics, beginning to internalize the knowledge of each of the teams and what is the benefit they can get from this state-of-the-art technology. Afterwards, they move on to analysis of movement and will be able to work with different groups of people, age groups, genders and be able to provide a service to the community, "said the director of the Kinesiology career, Alfredo Gary.

'' One of the guarantees of these teams is that they are easy to manipulate for the student, in addition, they provide data in real time, which opens the doors to research. As for the treatment with patients, they allow to determine patterns of behavior and to intervene from the clinical point of view, "said the Biomechanics academic, Edwin Contreras.

For the student of Kinesiology, Anuar Gascón, it is very positive to have high standard infrastructure at a national level, which represents a leap in the quality of teaching. '' In what is the biomechanical part, everything that is clinical diagnosis in what is Kinesiology will benefit greatly, since the analysis of movement is one of our main functions, this helps us to be better professionals and to enter better form a more competitive market, "he said.

The ribbon cutting that opened the facilities was made by the Rector of the ULS, Dr. Nibaldo Avilés, who was accompanied by the dean of the Faculty of Sciences, Dr. Gustavo Labbé, the director of the Kinesiology career, Alfredo Gary, the director of the Odontology career, Mg. Cristian Oyanadel, and the students Gianina Uribe and Diego Contreras.

Subsequently, attendees made a tour of each unit and knew in detail the equipment and its utilities.