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University authorities, led by the Rector of the ULS, Dr. Nibaldo Avilés Pizarro, directors, academics and students of the institution, participated in the inauguration of the works of infrastructure improvement, rooms and access to teaching at the service of first-time students year of Industrial Civil Engineering, located in the North Wing of the Ignacio Domeyko Campus

These works have allowed to complete a cycle of rehabilitation and refurbishment of spaces that only in this building already adds five fully equipped rooms, available for first-year students.

'' The works we present today, and their implementation with quality equipment and furniture, respond to our policy of improving physical and technological resources, and the commitment to quality that we have assumed as the only State University in the Coquimbo Region. The above points to the improvement and optimization of learning spaces for the incorporation of methodological innovations and assurance of the quality of the undergraduate training programs of our University, in accordance with the principles of the Educational Model and the Institutional Development Strategic Plan. said Rector Avilés, stressing that the realization of these projects is the result of work carried out jointly by authorities, managers and teachers.

industrial 2Meanwhile, the director of Institutional and Planning Studies, Mg. César Espíndola, said that considering that the teaching-learning process is based on interactions between people, "the need arises to make these spaces a comfortable and friendly place, this being an important task entrusted by our Rector, especially when This change begins by giving priority to our first-year students, a task that is no less challenging when we propose a starting point in the definition of a new infrastructure standard for our University and that should be preserved throughout its training process " .

In addition, the director said that this task is made easier when "we see the commitment of academic units to maintain this standard over time, as a strategy that offers important benefits, such as the generation of early identity with the career, the possibility of interaction of the new students with their academics and classmates of higher courses, among many others ". Opinion shared by Sebastián Bustos, of the Center for Students of the Industrial Civil Engineering Course, who valued the improvement of rooms and dependencies, as well as the delivery of new equipment for the Production Laboratory, highlighting that having these spaces favors interaction among incoming students, their teachers and students at higher levels.

For his part, the director of the Department of Industrial Engineering, Mg. Óscar Contreras, together with highlighting that these spaces favor the integration of first-year students and allow a better attention to young people, thanked the highest university authority and the higher authorities for the support given to the unit in the realization of this remodeling and also in the acquisition of a Flexible Manufacturing System in the Production Laboratory, technology that is part of the first investment in major equipment made in the Faculty of Engineering after the 1970 year.

industrial 3It should be recalled that in April of 2013 the new facilities of the North Wing of the Ignacio Domeyko Campus were inaugurated, works that contemplated the habilitation of 4 classrooms for students and teachers of the Department of Civil Industrial Engineering, whose works framed in the Alma Mater ULS project they contemplated the recovery of the wooden floor (vitrified), painting of interior and exterior walls, renovation of slates, connection to Internet, high efficiency lighting, implementation of datas and renovation of furniture to give comfort to the students. In addition, accesses, signage and access to basic services were renewed. To this is added the implementation of new administrative offices for the Dept. of Ing. Industrial, project that counted on resources of Rectoría and of the mentioned department.

The inauguration ceremony of the improvement of infrastructure and rooms, was part of the celebration of the XXXIII anniversary of the University of La Serena.