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This Laboratory has an online platform with 250 licenses and a network platform that allows, with the software acquired, 20 network equipment to keep connected in the latest generation, with pedagogical support.

A modern Central Language Laboratory was inaugurated at the Ignacio Domeyko Campus of the University of La Serena, aimed at students whose careers require a certain level of competence in the English language as a qualification requirement. This laboratory has a online platform with 250 licenses and a network platform that allows, with the software purchased, to maintain 20 network equipment with the latest generation, with pedagogical support.

During the inauguration ceremony of this campus, which was part of the celebration of the thirty-third anniversary of the state campus and in which university authorities were present, headed by the Rector of the ULS, Dr. Nibaldo Avilés, directors, directors of Law courses , Kinesiology and Dentistry, academics and officials of the institution-, the director of Teaching, Mg. Laura Vega, said that in this laboratory will develop an interactive English program for students to acquire the basic tools of communication in the language, especially those students of careers that do not have English subjects in their curricula.

2 languagesThe program called '' English Online ULS '', aims to develop oral and written comprehension skills that allow the graduate to communicate at a basic level in English and then deepen their own means for efficient communication. "It is an environment for learning English through multimedia tools on a web platform, available at the University and online from other sites," said the director of teaching.

In detail, the software has sequenced lessons to develop the skills of understanding, speaking, and reading at a basic level; tools to converse, pronounce and receive feedback; varied tests with immediate feedback to learn about the progress of learning; and in the last levels, the practice of English in oral form with native speakers, especially at a distance. While the online platform, it allows to complement the activities carried out in the laboratory.

The head of the Central Laboratory of Languages, Osvaldo Bravo, said that from now on the student will be able to take his time, work and interact with the platform independently, "doing all his activities and, according to his learning rhythm, he will advance '', adding that it is also contemplated that students perform a focused practice in terms of conversation, where there is interaction with the teacher and students.