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Geographic history

In the framework of the process of accreditation of careers, the University of La Serena began the process of self-evaluation leading to the accreditation of the career of Pedagogy in History and Geography, attached to the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences.

The work began in a meeting of the cloister held last March 10 and was headed by the director of the School of History and Geography, Mg. Sandra Álvarez

On the occasion, the general coordinator of accreditation, at the institutional level, Ing. Alejandro Cruzat, informed about the general guidelines of the process and the stages that must be developed. Likewise, the facilities currently provided by the institution were communicated, through the Accreditation Office, to develop these processes and answers to queries and doubts presented by the academics were given.

The career of Pedagogy in History and Geography of the University of La Serena, currently has an accreditation for 5 years, until January of 2015, according to the decision of the accrediting agency AcreditAcción.