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'' The channel of the good news '' is the name given to the children's program by students of the Chair of Television I of the journalism career at the University of La Serena, in partnership with the National Board of Kindergartens, JUNJI , and that allowed to show the work and the activities that make diverse gardens in our region.

The channel consisted of informative notes of the activities they carry out to promote various areas of children's education, such as healthy living, reading, healthy eating, the profitable use of new technologies, among other topics. The notes were made during the last semester by students of the subject of Television I, dictated by Professor Mg. Carolina Rodríguez, and it was the students themselves who were in charge of collecting the information, editing and making the audiovisual post-production of the notes.

The teacher of the subject was very happy with the work achieved by the students of his chair and in accordance with the goal, which was to initiate students in audiovisual journalism, but with a comprehensive look. "Generally we are used to seeing negative events and events on the news, the positive news is the least on our Chilean television. That's why we wanted the students, from the first television course, to make positive news. And that's why we also call it 'The channel of the good news', because we just wanted to show the good that is being done in the different gardens of La Serena and Coquimbo, '' said the teacher.

For the students, doing this activity also meant a great step in their formation, as the student Natalie Cortés pointed out. '' Carrying out the 'Good News Channel' helped me, first of all, with experience and above all to learn how to navigate the different environments that journalism has and most importantly how to deal with children's issues '', adding that the training made by the Unit of Protection and Good Treatment of the JUNJI, prior to the completion of the work, it served them well.

The program, which consists of 8 notes, was shown in the TV studio of the School of Journalism, where JUNJI also awarded the filmmakers and publicly highlighted the directors of the different gardens that agreed to participate: Los Grillitos Children's Garden , Happy Years, Arboliris, The Little Prince, Colorin Colorado, Mega Garden, PinPon and the Pukará Garden.