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The infrastructure has been implemented with new furniture and equipment that will cover the numerous initiatives to support teaching and the implementation of the Institutional Educational Model, among other tasks.

With the participation of university authorities, members of the Honorable Board of Directors, academics and officials, the inauguration ceremony was held to expand the infrastructure of the Teacher Improvement Unit (UMD). The UMD, under the teaching direction of the Universidad de La Serena, the 5 was born in March of 2012 with the purpose of properly implementing the Institutional Educational Model, having among its tasks to promote and technically accompany the revision and constant innovation actions of graduation profiles and curricular designs; provide academics with the capacity to teach undergraduate and form academic teams and strengthen their leadership for innovation in teaching practices, aiming at their improvement.

On the occasion, the ULS academic vice-rector, Dr. Jorge Catalán, on behalf of the Rector Dr. Nibaldo Avilés, expressed that due to the successful subjects undertaken by the multidisciplinary work team led by Dr. Pamela Labra, it was necessary to extension of its dependencies, enabling a new fully equipped work room, located next to the Irma Salas Library of the Domeyko Campus.

umd 2"The University of La Serena is a consolidated institution, recognized for the quality of its work and that advances towards a higher development in the national university education concert," said Dr. Catalán, who also thanked everyone who worked. hard in the concretion of "these works that contribute significantly in the processes of intervention carried out by the Unit of Teacher Improvement and in its consolidation as a formative, orienting, analytical and interpretative instance of the formative processes".

For his part, the director of Institutional Studies and Planning, Mg. César Espíndola, said that "the Unit for Teacher Improvement has been conceived as a service unit for the institution's faculty, and is no more than a faithful reflection of an institutional response to the new demands of the higher education system. His work team is consolidated and according to his task and the number of challenges he has ahead is growing, giving space for the training of new teachers and also for those who already have a career in our University.

During the years 2012 and 2013 the Unit has focused its efforts in the area of ​​teacher development and skill leveling. During 2012, 18 courses were offered to those who attended 220 teachers and in 2013 they were given 19 courses in which 158 teachers participated. From 2013, the Unit supports the different Schools in the curricular renewal process, providing technical advice to 19 training programs, which is only part of the diversity of the work carried out.

Regarding the new tasks that the UMD will develop during this year, the director of Teaching, Mg. Laura Vega, indicated that the research area will be created, "an area whose purpose is to systematize the information related to the implementation of the ULS Educational Model, in the different areas of undergraduate teaching and generate useful information for related decision making. to quality assurance and management processes ''.

The director also took the opportunity to acknowledge the great task of Dr. Labra and her team, for their commitment and support in the management of teaching, the vice chancellor, Dr. Jorge Catalán, who has believed in the proposals of the UMD and the head of SIBULS, Héctor García, for his commitment and support for the development of the Unit.