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The institution distinguished students and academics from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, engineers and technicians from Minera Los Pelambres and representatives of the companies and collaborating institutions that made it possible to rank among the three best teams in the competition.

In the Ignacio Domeyko Campus, recognition was given to the Antakari team members and collaborators who participated in the '' World Solar Challenge Australia 2013 '', where he achieved a historic second place in the Adventure category, after traveling three thousand kilometers on the continent oceanic.

In the opportunity, Dr. Jorge Catalán, academic vice-rector of the University of La Serena, representing the Rector, Dr. Nibaldo Avilés, congratulated all those who make up this human group: students and academics from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, engineers and technicians of Minera Los Pelambres, representatives of the companies and collaborating institutions and all those who made it possible to be among the three best teams of the competition. In addition, he noted that "this project means putting the U. de La Serena at the forefront of technological innovation in the country, also show how you can combine the efforts of private sectors with public education institutions to implement their full capacity of generations and applications of knowledge, that not only has to do with a career or a specific activity, but with the development of a country ".

inti 2Within this context, Jorge Misle, operations manager of Minera Los Pelambres, said that "within the strategic guidelines of the company, as a major objective, apart from producing copper and its by-products, is the development of the region, through of an alliance with the University of La Serena where we have cooperation agreements in different areas and one of them is the development of technology. In this case, it is already the third year of consecutive achievements in what is the development of solar technology and we are very proud of the confidence that the University has placed in it, due to the contribution we are making together with many other companies in the region, in as to the students can develop their skills and that the University is prestigious developing lines in what are new technologies, "said the executive.

Meanwhile, the director of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Dr. Ricardo Castillo, said that the successful participation in Australia was due to "the great quality of Antakari's human and technical team, accompanied by the strategy used in the race." .

For students, the experience of participating in the '' Intikallpa '' project as part of an alliance with a private company is an opportunity that is rarely given in a higher education institution. '' The alliance between Minera Los Pelambres and the University of La Serena has been very good due to all the achievements we have obtained as a person as well as material achievements such as the two races in Chile (Desafío Solar Atacama) and the one carried out in Australia, "said student Pablo Esquivel.

In the activity framed in the celebration of the 33 anniversary, the members of Antakari and representatives of MLP and collaborating companies, were recognized by the academic vice chancellor Dr. Jorge Catalán, the member of the Board of Directors, Víctor Bermont, the dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Dr. Alberto Cortés, and the director of the Dept. of Ing. Mecánica, Dr. Ricardo Castillo.

The recognition of collaborating companies and the new challenges

A fundamental part for the development of the '' Intikallpa '' project, in its two versions, has been the contribution of the collaborating companies, which put their professionals at the disposal of the project, delivering state-of-the-art technology.

inti3'' During the first stage of the project we worked very moderately and, having moved forward a little bit, we have been a very important collaborator of the mechanical parts, in everything that is the area of ​​bearings for the car to work, which is why It is a pride to see the logo of our company in the car that participated in Australia, it is a regional and national pride, "said Luis Osses, sales manager of the company Enrique Osses, SKF distributor.

But the challenges for the team '' Antakari '' continue, as its members are designing a four-wheel prototype, which began to work before traveling to Australia, targeting the next global solar car to develop during this 2014 in South Africa.