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Among the tasks to develop this year, highlights the 2014 Labor Fair and the expansion of the benefits of the exclusive employment portal for graduates and graduates also to the regular students of the institution.

A total of 1.600 last year students, graduates and graduates of the University of La Serena and 24 companies and institutions of the region and the country, gave life in 2013 to the ULS Labor Fair, an instance organized by the Graduate Monitoring Office of the house of studies, with the aim of linking these members of the university community with representatives of the labor market.

Similarly, last year began the business talks for students with graduate profile and graduates, which involved young people from the different careers required at each opportunity by employers, who came to the home of studies as part of your recruitment processes.

These actions are just a sample of the work that the Office and, particularly, its program "Link Network for Employability" are carrying out to strengthen spaces that encourage the employment of professionals trained in the different careers of the U. La Serena

employment2As explained by the person in charge of the program, Viviana Vásquez, the idea is to "articulate a network with public and private organizations, professional associations and other instances of society; encourage the exchange of programs, work and activities to contribute to a closer and permanent relationship with the environment; and generate development mechanisms on issues of early labor insertion and academic activities. ''

For this reason, the '' Link Network for Employability '' has various tasks planned for this year. Among them, there is an account of the 2014 Labor Fair and new business talks, expanding the offers of practices and jobs of the exclusive ULS portal http://trabajo.userena.cl/ and continue to increase the number of organizations linked to the program.

In this regard, among the companies and regional and national institutions that have already joined the network in their different initiatives are: Banco de Chile; Agrosevilla; Center for Psychological Care and Integral Health (CAPSI); Gerónimo Rendic schools, Conciliar Seminary, Catholic English and Cervantino; Innovacien ONG, DEM Ovalle; Sigdo Koppers Engineering; CCU SA; Chilean Security Association; Environmental Value; Arteaga River Foundation; Coca Cola Andina; Covalsa; Constructora Azapa; Minera San Gerónimo Company; Manpower Servicios Integrales Ltda .; Ecomac; Integra Foundation; Santander Bank; Security Articles Wilug Ltda .; National Service of Minors; Metalmar; Cultivate Strategic Partners; Tubline; Pre-university CPECH; Minera Dayton Company; Randstad; Orica Chile; Waters of the Valley; Minera Teck Company; More Errazuriz; Agrosuper; 3G Consultants; Nacer Advertising; Consultant Ballesta; and Elqui Web.

In addition, another point to highlight among its projected initiatives is the task of extending the services of the employment portal (which is currently aimed at graduates and graduates) to undergraduate students (regular students of the ULS).

'' During this year, we wanted to take this target group in order to insert early students in the labor market, thereby achieving instances of learning, support and advantages for their professional profile. Teamwork, leadership, tolerance of frustrations and others are among the competencies that are favored by having jobs during university life. Data from the Office of Institutional Studies indicate that an 54% of the first year students who entered the University of La Serena in the 2014 year plan to work during their student period, for this reason, the Office's initiative takes greater strength and relevance '', explained Viviana Vásquez.

Recall that the Graduate Monitoring Office has its dependencies in the Campus Andrés Bello of the house of studies and all the information about their work is available in the portal http://egresados.userena.cl/