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Students from Germany, Colombia, Denmark, Spain and Mexico, who are studying for academic periods at the University of La Serena, had the opportunity to share their experiences, customs and culture at the first International Exchange Students Fair, organized by the ULS Office of International Relations.

On the occasion, the students were able to share with their Chilean peers the typical foods of their countries and relevant information about the universities in which they carry out their undergraduate studies.

At the opening ceremony of this fair, the academic vice chancellor, Dr. Jorge Catalán, told the students that the experience they will live will be very important in several ways, since `` it will allow them to get in touch with another educational reality, with other ways of living the university, even with other ways of approaching knowledge, which will add value to its formative process '', adding that these experiences allow a wide range of horizons and the creation of friendship ties and networks of contacts.

2 trade fairThe coordinator of the Office of International Relations, Mg. Dietmut Graeff said that this initiative seeks to become a space where exchange students can show ULS students where they study, how are their institutions of higher education, their culture and countries, in order to motivate them to know others latitudes, realities and points of view. '' It is an opportunity for ULS students to meet exchange students and, in turn, foreign students know their Chilean peers as they are also eager to learn more about their culture, customs, traditions and idiosyncrasies '' 'he said.

One of the participants of this fair was Anisia Ribu, a Romanian student who studies Tourism in Germany and attends various courses at the University of La Serena, where she said she has felt very welcome, `` I like it very much, everything is very familiar and the teachers are very kind. ''

In this first international exchange student fair, framed in the commemoration of the thirty-third anniversary of the house of studies, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) was also present, stand in which the students of the ULS were able to make their consultations regarding scholarship options for internships in institutions of the European country.

The activity was attended by university authorities, members of the Board of Directors, managers, teachers and students.