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The activity is part of the program to celebrate the institutional XXXIII anniversary.

In the premises of the Campus Isabel Bongard, the inauguration ceremony of the new equipment for the Computer Lab of the Pedagogy in Basic General Education course and the furniture of the rooms of the Department of Education, assigned to the Faculty of Humanities, took place.

On the occasion, the Academic Vice Chancellor of the University of La Serena, Dr. Jorge Catalán Ahumada, representing the Rector Nibaldo Avilés, said that "the halls have new furniture with high standards, as well as technological equipment, according to the needs of the students. The renovation of these facilities represents a new sign of the commitment to the quality of our institution, as the only state university in the region. The ULS assumes the great challenges of Chilean higher education, especially those related to quality, equity and inclusiveness, which is why one of the aspects is the renewal in the initial training of future educators. .

2 education labThe new computers of the Computation Laboratory of the Pedagogy in Basic General Education course and the improvement of the furniture of the rooms seek to provide spaces of greater comfort and technological access for academics, students and officials, which goes in direct agreement with the route of the Model Educational established by the corporation.

'' The current administration has committed the directors of the different units to make a diagnosis of their needs related to the continuous improvement of teaching, such as improvement of infrastructure, furniture and equipment, thus giving the right environment for the learning of Young. The directors, with the support of their coordinators and academics, have visualized these needs and have developed the Specific Projects that have been channeled through the Teaching Directorate, achieving the implementation of the spaces '', emphasized Mg. Laura Vega, Director of Teaching of the corporation. The authority added that currently more than 80% of the spaces dedicated to teaching have been notoriously improved.

3 education labAs noted by Mg. Bernardo Jopia, director of the Department of Education, the investment developed allowed the renewal of 19 CPU of the laboratory. The new equipment will fundamentally favor Pedagogy in Basic General Education and eventually for other careers that require it, such as Ed. Parvularia and Ed. Diferencial. Regarding the equipment of rooms, the project allowed the renovation of the furniture of 4 rooms to which the multipurpose room is added, with a cost of 16 million pesos.

The ribbon cutting that inaugurated the delivery of equipment and infrastructure was carried out by the ULS Academic Vice Chancellor, Dr. Jorge Catalán, the Director of Teaching, Mg. Laura Vega, the director of Institutional Studies and Planning, Mg. César Espíndola, the director of the Department of Education, Mg. Bernardo Jopia, and the Coordinator of the Pedagogy in Basic General Education course, María Ester Álvarez, who accompanied by executives, academics and guests toured the outbuildings.