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1 humanities concert

The traditional reception ceremony organized by the Faculty of Humanities of the ULS, was held in the Aome Magna Ignacio Domeyko.

With the greeting of the dean of the Faculty of Humanities, Dr. María Zúñiga, the academic activity began, offered to young people who join the careers of Design, Bachelor of Music, Pedagogy in Spanish and Philosophy, Pedagogy in Differential Education, Pedagogy in Basic General Education, Pedagogy in Musical Education, Pedagogy in Nursery Education, Pedagogy in English, Psychology and English - Spanish Translator.

The authority was happy with the activity, which he said has to do with the humanities and the training of young people in a dimension as interesting as aesthetics. "This is a tremendous opportunity to welcome freshmen and to tell them that college is not just about learning a career, it's about the integral development of people. It is a time to rejoice and enjoy, "said Dr. Zúñiga.

2 humanities concertSubsequently, the Concert was offered by the University Orchestra, a group made up of students from the Department of Music and other careers of the Faculty of Humanities and the ULS, which with 3 years of experience has achieved interesting achievements, thanks to its permanent educational work. Its director, Maestro Manuel Figueroa, gave a detailed explanation about the selected works and their characteristics, linked to the figure of the German composer JS Bach.

The Faculty of Humanities, has as its fundamental purpose to cultivate, investigate and disseminate the disciplines oriented to the study of man in its social and cultural dimensions and that is why initiatives like this, seek to encourage its members to develop their talents in their step for university life.

The activity was attended by authorities, managers and academics who accompanied the young people who are integrated into the classrooms this year.