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good practices

Interested academics must present an innovative learning proposal, with the purpose of sharing this experience.

In the Alejandro Covarrubias room of the Central House, the closing ceremony of the Good Teaching Practices Contest was held, organized by the Academic Vice-Chancellor's Office in conjunction with the Teaching Directorate and the Teacher Improvement Unit (UMD) of the University of La Serena. , occasion in which the launch of the 2014 version of this initiative was also made, whose objective is to encourage academics and academics to generate and / or systematize innovative teaching experiences in order to improve the learning process of University students. .

In the contest of the 2012 year 36 projects were submitted and 13 was awarded, while in the 2013 version, 22 postulated teaching jobs and 11 were selected from the different academic units.

During his speech, the ULS academic vice-rector, Dr. Jorge Catalán, pointed out that the successful experience of previous years, "confirms that this contest manages to encourage teachers to increase and improve training processes, taking them gradual to modify profound pedagogical conceptions ".

He also explained that the institutional contribution has consisted in providing materials, technical support and supplies, as well as the possibility of presenting the proposal in national and international events. "In addition, academics and academic executors of the projects have had the opportunity to disseminate their innovative proposals in the two versions of the Seminar on Teaching Practices, sharing the work done between peers and thus enriching academic work," said Dr. Catalan.

In this closing ceremony of the 2013 Contest, two of the winning projects were presented: '' Educational tools for the teaching of entrepreneurship '', by the director of the School of Tourism and Academician of the Department. of Cs. Economic and Business, Mg. Andrés Álvarez, and '' Elaboration and diffusion of bilingual digital teaching resources, for the teaching of sustainable geography: the Region of Coquimbo (Chile) and the State of Iowa (USA) '', of the director of the Dept. of Cs. Social, Dr. Fabián Araya.

To these projects are added: '' Evaluative procedures as instances of learning '' of Mg. Erico Wulf, '' The exhibition debate in the training of journalists '' by Marcela Altamirano; '' Creation of Podcast and Streaming in environmental sustainability and carbon footprint '' by Marcela Robles, '' Integration of key areas of the Audit career '' by Emilio González, '' Interactive Module for the learning of General Chemistry aimed at students de Ingeniería '' by Ricardo Zamarreño, '' Creation and theatrical assembly of mathematical concepts and elaboration of educational videocapsules '' by Dr. Catalina Cvitanic, '' Design of an interactive model for project management (MAP) '' by Domingo Vega, '' Elaboration of anatomical models as a learning resource '' by Álvaro Puelles, and '' Reading comprehension + natural sciences '' by Alejandra Torrejón, winning initiatives of the 2013 version.

2014 Good Teaching Practices Competition

On the occasion, the director of Teaching, Mg. Laura Vega, together with the high interest shown by the academics in sharing successful teaching experiences, presented the 2014 version of the Contest and urged the academics to participate. Similarly, he informed that considering that the Educational Model of the institution points out the social responsibility and the mastery of the technologies of the infocommunication as seal competences of the graduates and that the curricular renewal processes assume these characteristics, it has been considered pertinent that the innovation projects in the classroom contribute to the achievement of these.

The application forms for the contest in paper format and in digital format (Word), will be received until April's 28, in the secretariat of the Adjudication Department of the academic responsible for the project. The director must send the forms to the Teaching Directorate, with the supporting statement stating that the proposal will be registered in the performance agreement of the participating academics, and the respective signature, no later than the 2 in May.

The results will be informed in writing to the academic responsible for the project, on May 17 with a copy to the corresponding Department Director.

The selected proposals may have the following support for its implementation: a maximum of $ 500 thousand pesos for project execution expenses, didactic advice from a specialist assigned by the UMD, specialist computer consulting assigned by the UMD and specialized advice for the preparation Of articles.

The ceremony framed in the celebration of the institutional XXXIII anniversary and attended by university authorities, managers and academics, concluded with the conference "Teaching Practices: A Look from the ULS" by Dr. Rodrigo Fuentealba.