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The recognition offered by the state institution, crowns a prolific trajectory so much in the academic thing as in the development and investigation of the mining prospection.

In a special ceremony, framed in its XXXIII anniversary, the University of La Serena awarded the distinction as Honorary Members of the institution to the Civil Engineer of Mines with a postgraduate degree in Geology, Francisco Ortiz Olivares, and Geologist Carlos Llaumett Pino. Both professionals were awarded this recognition due to their outstanding professional and human quality, which has also been valued by scientific and professional organizations of the highest level.

Francisco Ortiz began his training as a Mining Technician, graduated from the prestigious La Serena School of Mines, later completing his academic training at the University of Chile, the Colorado School of Mines and Stanford University (California). For his part, Carlos Llaumett, qualified as a Geologist at the University of Chile, collaborated as a professor of geology in the 70`s years, in the Engineering course of Execution in Mines of the former Technical University of the State, Sede La Serena, predecessor direct from University of La Serena.

In the presence of university authorities, family members, academics, colleagues and students, the Secretary General of the ULS, Mg. Sergio Zepeda, was in charge of reading the corresponding decrees emanating from the Academic Council and the agreement adopted by the Board of Directors of the corporation.

Featured 2 geoAccording to the documents, the University of La Serena expresses its recognition to Mr. Carlos Llaumet Pino, for his significant contribution to the initial exploration of deposits and mining conversion, together with his contribution to iron mining and geology research . While Mr. Francisco Ortiz Olivares, was appointed Honorary Member of the institution, for his significant contribution in the field of exploration in mining activity, contributing and benefiting both the Coquimbo Region and the country.

For health reasons, the engineer Francisco Ortiz could not be present at the ceremony.

According to Dr. Sc. Jorge Oyarzún, an academic from the Department of Mining Engineering, it would be long to report the merits and numerous contributions of both professionals. Among the first, Francisco Ortiz stands out for the technical perfection of his work, in particular in the elaboration of geological-mining maps and in the direction of exploration campaigns, as well as for his work as Director of the Department of Economic Geology of the Institute of Geological Investigations (current SERNAGEOMIN). In the case of Carlos Llaumett, he is recognized for his ability to recognize the prospective interest of land or mining districts, beyond previous general assessments, as well as for the numerous successful exploration projects he has directed.

Regarding the main concrete achievements of both, Francisco Ortiz corresponded to direct in the field the exploration of a belt of possible copper mineralization between Chuquicamata and El Salvador, a project conceived and materialized by the famous geologist David Lowell, but whose successful result, the discovery of Escondida in the Antofagasta Region, it was due to the tenacity and good judgment placed in its execution by Ortiz. This discovery, one of the main registered worldwide, reported a remarkable growth of the country's high copper ore reserves, and revitalized national mining.

For his part, Carlos Llaumett participated in the development of iron and copper mining, and helped to define the western copper porphyry belts of northern Chile. In his capacity as Exploration Manager of Outukumpo - Chile, he led the exploration of the Zaldívar and Sierra Gorda-Catalina deposits, among other prospects. In our region, as an ENAMI geologist, he carried out the first studies of the El Indio District, as well as the drilling that allowed the conversion of the small Andacollo copper mining to a medium-tonnage project. Subsequently, in his role as a consultant, he did the same regarding the District's gold deposits. As in the case of Francisco Ortiz, it is not possible to account in this space for all his geological-mining contributions. It is a recognized fact that no mining activity has as much potential to multiply value as exploration, and both achieved it to a high degree.

In emotional words, Carlos Llaumet summarized part of his life dedicated to the profession that he is passionate about. "I feel very proud and I would like to express my gratitude to the ULS for the distinction conferred, I am honored that an institution that has the mission to capture and impart knowledge and give value and meaning to reflection, shelter me as an Honorary Member." , he pointed.

Afterwards, he recounted the emotions and satisfactions that he has had in his career as a geologist, traveling from end to end of our country and having the possibility of digging into the bowels of the earth, discovering veins and sharing his knowledge.

For his part, Francisco Ortiz sent a note of gratitude, which states that, "the distinction that the University of La Serena gives me today, has a very significant personal significance for me because it was in the classroom , workshops and laboratories of the School of Mines of La Serena, forerunner of this house of higher studies, where I began my professional training. In it, in addition to receiving valuable knowledge and wise teachings taught by my renowned master trainers, I managed to temper the desire for personal improvement and perseverance necessary to achieve advanced goals, both in terms of continuing my studies in Chilean and foreign universities, and to successfully complete my professional works developed mainly in the field of mine geology and exploration of metalliferous deposits, "he said.

Finally Ortiz expresses his gratitude for the nomination and appointment as Honorary Member. "This fills me with great satisfaction and deep pride and, in a way, closes for me the great cycle of my professional life, because upon receiving this recognition I experience the magic of returning to the roots of my beloved La Serena School of Mines. , where I started my training and forged my most precious young dreams, "he said.

The ceremony concluded with the delivery of a medal and a diploma of honor for both, from the academic vice-rector of the University, Dr. Jorge Catalán Ahumada, on behalf of the Rector, Dr. Nibaldo Avilés, in addition to an award given by the president of the College of Geologists of Chile, Patricia Narváez.

As Oyarzún confirms, "naturally, both are role models for new professionals, both in terms of the rigor and quality of their work, their dedication to a lifetime and their ability to serve the country and their companies, with a a broad view of the possibilities opened up by our rich geological nature. ''