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The text seeks to be a contribution to education, teachers and families and incorporates various perspectives on this, such as poverty, indigenous people, gender, mirror neurons, textbooks and many more.

Researchers from Israel, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina and Chile participate in the book '' Inclusion in life and school: pedagogy with a human sense '', the new publication of Editorial Universidad de La Serena, work that it gathers 20 chapters on this subject and that it was compiled by the academic of the Department of Education of the ULS, Dra. Silvia López de Maturana.

The text was prefaced by a world reference in psychology and education, the Romanian Dr. Reuven Feuerstein, who states that "reading this book, knowing the level of experience, knowledge and commitment of its authors, has made me reflect on the impact of the Mediated Learning Experience (EAM) to which they refer and demonstrate in several of its chapters. There is a clear position in favor of the need for inclusion and provides a deep reflection on how to create a beneficial experience for those who need it most. "

researchers book 2In 398 pages, the 21 participating researchers (9 Chileans, 3 Argentines, 3 Spaniards, 2 Colombians, 1 Belgian, 1 Israeli, 1 Portuguese and 1 Brazilian) address inclusion in life and school from the most varied perspectives, such as poverty, indigenous people, gender, mirror neurons, the classroom itself, the family, children with Down Syndrome, mediation, cognitive modifiability and brain plasticity, textbooks, dynamic assessment of learning potential and more.

During the presentation, which was attended by university authorities, academics, some of the authors, professors, students and the general public, the person in charge of the Editorial University of La Serena, Alejandro Abufom, mentioned that an important part of the work of a house of studies is to disseminate the knowledge that is generated inside. "The challenge is how do those of us at the University get the knowledge to the base, that does not remain among the specialists," he said, adding that this means looking for physical means (such as magazines and books) and simple language. For this reason, he appreciated that this text was written "in a totally accessible language (...). It is inclusive, not exclusive or exclusive, everyone will be able to read it, "he said.

Lucia Alvarez, Cecilia Assael, Andrea Calderon, Carlos Calvo, Rafael Feuerstein, Sonia Fuentes, Georgina Garcia, Jorge Hirsch, Eliana Jorquera, Maria Teresa Julia, Mirta Kuperman, Joseph Lebeer, Silvia Lopez de Maturana, Miguel Lopez Melero, Sergio Manosalva, Gabriela Marino, Jaume Martínez, Ofelia Roldán, Pedro Rosario, Lorenzo Tébar and Alexander Yarza are the authors of the book.

Dr. Ofelia Roldán, director of the International Center for Education and Human Development (CINDE, Medellín, Colombia), researcher in social sciences, children and youth of the U. de Manizales (Colombia) and the Pontificia U. Católica de Sao Paulo (Brazil) was one of the presenters.

The author was very satisfied with the work done, indicating that "it is very beautiful because in it, in addition to the experience of the work of 21 researchers, is also put all the heart and soul to write what calls us, that It moves us and we want it to reach each of the spaces in Chile, Latin America and other places, where there are so many children, young people and people who, in some way, are excluded, for many reasons, including education that sometimes is thought for certain type of people and not in general for all the human beings ".

Likewise, he stated that this effort contributes in the conceptual and the methodological, reason why he hopes that "it contributes to the change of the educational practices and of accompaniment. It is necessary to facilitate processes and not to indicate roads. The educational processes have to be oriented much more to the construction of trust ", which for the researcher is achieved by recognizing themselves and knowing that there will always be people with whom to interact.

Meanwhile, the compiler and editor, Dr. Silvia López de Maturana, said that "this book is an ethical, political, social, cultural and pedagogical proposal. Because it is written so that it can be read by those who are in the schools, in the bases, where pedagogy and education are really done ".

The academic from the University of La Serena explained that the idea for this work started at an inclusion congress held in Argentina, where many of the authors participated. This meeting achieved such success in the public that it impacted them as well, motivating them with the idea of ​​writing a book.

"We are all diverse, there is no special educational need for someone who only has a different face or a different movement or something that makes it different, we all have special educational needs," added Dr. López de Maturana, for whom the goal is "to be able to change the stagnant, schooling practices that are in the schools and that do not allow boys and girls to really demonstrate what they know. (...) The risk of continuing to treat our students as we are doing so far is to absolutely naturalize inclusion, take away their spaces, stunt their wings ".