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Executives, academics and students belonging to all the races of the macro-community participated in the traditional meeting that was attended by the guest speaker Juan Francisco García Mac-Vicar.

In the Pentagon Hall of the Andres Bello Campus, the reception activity was organized, organized by the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences (FACSE) of the ULS, for the young people who were integrated this year to each of their careers.

This year, more than 300 students entered the careers of Audit, Law, Journalism, Pedagogy in History and Geography, Commercial Engineering and Engineering in Business Administration, who were received by the ULS academic vice-rector, Dr. Jorge Catalán Ahumada, on behalf of the Rector Dr. Nibaldo Avilés.

The dean of the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences, Mg. Jorge Fernández Labra, delivered a message to the students, sharing their satisfaction for having chosen a state quality institution, such as the University of La Serena, and especially for having integrated into the careers provided by FACSE.

During his presentation, the Dean reflected on the changes that humanity has had to face in the so-called Knowledge Society, which is characterized because the rate of knowledge creation has accelerated as it had never been seen before in the history of the humanity. This acceleration forces a new way of developing the teaching-learning processes where both the teacher and the student must acquire a new attitude.

facse receives 2"First to learn to learn autonomously, and then apply this technique throughout his university life, and why not say it, throughout his professional life. We want to develop soft, soft or transversal competences in our students, which are becoming increasingly important in university education, among them the entrepreneurial attitude, teamwork, leadership and the ability to work under pressure, among others. , said the dean

The reception activity continued with the presentation of the commercial engineer, Juan Francisco García Mac Vicar, former seremi of Agriculture and former Governor of the Province of Elqui, who graduated from the career of Commercial Engineering at the University of La Serena.

García Mac - Vicar has developed an interesting career since his graduation that has led him to hold important positions in both the public and private sectors, being recently appointed executive secretary of the Sociedad Agrícola del Norte, a trade association with more than 107 years of experience. history in the north of Chile.

During the presentation '' Leadership of Change '', the speaker shared his experience as a student of the ULS, leader of his career and active participant of the different academic activities, highlighting the fact that it is necessary that young people have convictions, participate in university life and be able to create new instances that favor their training and their capabilities. In this way he will be better able to enter the working world and be a generator of changes in society.

The activity, which was part of the celebration of the institutional XXXIII anniversary, concluded with the presentation of a gift by the dean of the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences to the guest, to later share a moment of camaraderie.