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employability survey

The process will be carried out for approximately 8 weeks, through the portal http://egresados.userena.cl.

Graduates of the different careers of the University of La Serena in the years 2009 and 2012 will participate in the 2014 Employability Survey of the Graduate Tracking Office of this house of studies, within the framework of the Alma Mater ULS project (Strengthening Fund for the US of CRUCH-MINEDUC).

This is a study to know the employability and income levels at 4th year of their degree (2009) and to analyze the employability and income at the first year of the degree (2012), as well as the time it took for these professionals to find the First job related to his area of ​​study, explains the head of the Office of Graduate Tracking, Luis Carrasco.

The professional adds that he will also investigate other key variables, such as continuity of studies, the reasons why he is unemployed and the characterization of current jobs, among others.

Carrasco details that this process is part of the line of action of the Office called Employability in Figures, which `` conceives the generation, maintenance and provision in a timely, efficient and reliable manner of institutional information that is relevant to decision-making processes of the corporation. Due to this, the line of action focuses on the generation of analysis and studies based on the characteristics and behavior of the University and its environment, in order to stimulate internal reflection on the future of the house of studies in matters of Employability and job placement. Said information is obtained through the management and coordination of the different internal and external sources of information, giving support to the planning and decision-making processes of the corporation, in the various matters of its competence, associated with its growth, development and sustainability. ''

The 2014 process will be carried out for approximately 8 weeks, beginning the second of April, through the single window for graduates that constitutes the portal http://egresados.userena.cl, where information and services of interest for graduates, graduates and students with a graduate profile are incorporated.

This important work will allow to have information that will be analyzed by professionals of the Office, with Business Intelligence tools, whose results will be relevant to support different institutional processes, including: institutional accreditation, career self-evaluation, MINEDUC requirements, etc.

Recall that last year a pilot employability survey was conducted, focused on the graduates 2008 and 2011, which had an active participation of 25% of the total number of professionals trained in the ULS of the aforementioned years.