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1 inge equipment

These are important renovations for the different departments of the Faculty of Engineering, which constitute the first investment in major equipment made after the 1970 year.

University authorities, headed by the Rector of the ULS, Dr. Nibaldo Avilés Pizarro, the vice-rector for Economic and Administrative Affairs, Dr. Marcela Aguirre, the dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Dr. Alberto Cortés, the director of the Department of Mechanical Engineering , Dr. Ricardo Castillo, executives, academics and students of the institution, participated in the inauguration ceremony of the desired works of improvement of infrastructure and major equipment, which will be used by academics and students of the Faculty of Engineering.

'' During these weeks, in which a series of activities have been developed to commemorate our thirty-third institutional anniversary, we have witnessed the heavy investment made in the improvement of facilities and the implementation with equipment and furniture of a large part of our units and macrounidades '', said the Rector of the ULS, Dr. Nibaldo Aviles, who added, "precisely this type of actions aim to respond to the diverse requirements of our students and teachers, and represent the commitment to quality that we have assumed for several years, seeking to provide decent spaces for all: students, academics and administrative ''.

2 inge equipmentIn the case of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, this is an investment of $ 141.787.524, which benefits the Solid and Processes Laboratories, where various equipment was purchased, including Mechanical Testing Machine, Portable Digital Hardness Tester, Muffle, Microscope, Roughness meter and accessories.

Meanwhile, the Thermofluidics Laboratory was complemented by a modern Embolus Compressor Test Equipment, a new Centrifugal Pump Bank with variable speed, Flow Visualization equipment, Flow Channel, Water Hammer equipment, Centrifugal Ventilator equipment, Pump in series and parallel with software and PC.

Finally, the ICT Laboratory, was implemented 20 modern computers for the computer classroom, 3 computers destined to the room of memory, enabled with 3 Access Points, 4 Routers, Portable Hard Drives, Wireless Network Switch, Server, Led Monitor and furniture that includes meeting table and 20 shelves.

On the occasion also, Dr. Marcela Aguirre, vice-rector of economic affairs of the ULS, presented in detail the investments developed in the context of the Modernization and Major Equipment plan for the Laboratories of the departments of the Faculty of Engineering, stating that has managed, through specific institutional projects, a total investment of $ 577.426.167 for the Faculty of Engineering, considering the $ 199.153.976 invested in 2012 and $$ 378.272.191 of 2013; resources that have also favored the departments of Industrial Engineering, Mining Engineering, Civil Works Engineering, Food Engineering and Architecture.

3 inge equipmentThe director of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Dr. Ricardo Castillo, said he was very satisfied with the investment made that benefits the entire Faculty, but especially Mechanics. '' From our department, we have clear profile of our professional who is associated with what is scientific and technological education and within the scientific, the importance of laboratories is crucial. There are many branches that are taught, there are 20 subjects that have a laboratory and within those, not only service is provided to young mechanics, but also students from other careers. With these new laboratories we consolidate our work with the undergraduate students and we also support the work of our ruminants and thus we can increase our productivity in research, strengthening our work, "said Castillo.

After the inauguration, attendees to the meeting framed in the XXXIII anniversary of the ULS, made a tour, to know the particularities of the modern machinery that will favor the teaching-learning processes of the students, in addition to greatly favor the task of teachers and Para-teachers, who were pleasantly surprised to have from now on, with advanced technology in the laboratories and workshops of the institution.