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Students from Germany, Spain, Denmark, Colombia and Mexico, and students from the University of La Serena who returned to this study house, participated in the reception ceremony offered by the state campus in the framework of its thirty-third institutional anniversary .

The Rector of the ULS, Dr. Nibaldo Avilés, was in charge of welcoming the students, to whom he indicated that the student exchange is a unique opportunity for personal enrichment that will allow them to "get in touch with other educational realities" , social and cultural that will make them grow as professionals and people. '' In addition, he thanked the exchange students for the trust placed in this institution, wishing them a pleasant and profitable stay in the house of studies. While the returning students, congratulated them for being part of this experience of great use for their professional future and for having become true ambassadors of the ULS.

Meanwhile, the coordinator of the Office of International Relations, Mg. Dietmut Graeff, said that to live this experience you need a lot of personality, overcome yourself, develop a special courage, confront new and sometimes adverse situations, such as not managing the language fully, "but these situations are personal challenges; surpassing them, you acquire a strong personality and a confidence in yourself that will accompany you throughout your life. ''

welcome foreigners 2The student of Industrial Civil Engineering, Ian Kemnis, who did an internship in Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany, shared his exchange experience with those present, noting that "every person he knew, every new friend, every trip to surprising places, Every experience, every thing I learned and, in general, every situation that promoted cultural exchange was something that enriched me as a person. '' In turn, he invited foreign students to "make every moment that is valuable and treasure, walk through the city, meet many people and feel part of the ULS and why not the country."

On behalf of the exchange students, the intern Marisol Díaz, who is studying at the University of Murcia, Spain, thanked the reception and good reception from the institution and the International Relations Office. '' We believe that our experience, although it has just begun, is very enriching (...) for many of us it has been a challenge: the trip, finding accommodation, adapting to the climate, food and customs (...) which contributes to the growth as professionals and better people. ''

Foreign students come from the German universities of RWTH Aachen, Hochschule München, Technische Hochschule Dresden and Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen, the Spanish universities of Murcia and Valencia, the U. Autónoma de Baja California de México, the U. de Antioquia de Colombia and the Aalborg University of Denmark, where they pursue careers in English, Journalism, Pedagogy in Biology, Tourism, Labor Relations, Geography, Physics, Differential Education, Psychology, Spanish and International Business Communication, Economic Mathematics, Romanistics and Nursing.

welcome foreigners 3On the other hand, the students of the ULS who did internships in Australia (U. of Queensland), Germany (Technische Hochschule Dresden, Technical U. of Berlin, Technical U. of Braunschweig and Ruhr-Universität Bochum), Spain (U. Granada, U. de Murcia and U. de Alcalá) and Canada (U. de Laval) belong to the Ped races. in English, Ped. in Differential Education, Ped. in Ed. Gral. Básica, Ped. in History and Geography, Architecture, Ped in Mathematics and Computing, Industrial Civil Engineering, Environmental Civil Engineering and Civil Engineering of Mines.

The reception ceremony, held at the Central House of the U. de La Serena, concluded with the delivery of gifts to all students by the Rector, Dr. Nibaldo Avilés and the Mg. Dietmut Graeff, and the exhibition of a video of the students who participated in the DAAD Engineering program.