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Program trained more than 180 young students from the Coquimbo Region thanks to the contribution of CORFO and the ULS.

More than sixty participants lived three days of intensive training that helped them understand and see from a new approach what is to undertake and innovate, through the knowledge delivered by the rapporteurs Sebastián Arias and Pedro Varas, all this thanks to financing of the Government of Chile, through CORFO, and the University of La Serena.

Through this training, students were able to obtain the key knowledge to detect problems that affect people's lives on a daily basis and, based on those results, look for solutions to improve their quality of life. The program also considered methodologies for early validation, generation of contact networks and advice for future financing; more than sixty participants could be part of the latest generation of "Startup Phase Zero" in the Coquimbo Region, belonging to the "Support Program for the Environment for Entrepreneurship and Innovation", born of the strategic alliance between the University of La Serena and CORFO.

For the rapporteur, Pedro Varas, this is an instance that promotes human relationships, work the soft skills of the participants, and work in a group for the same purpose: to undertake. "I really liked the human group of this third generation, for two reasons; their desire and participation, as well as the age difference between the members, since this made the exchange of experiences and experiences much more abundant, "he specified.

In this third generation and last day, the winners went with the 1 ° place "Tu Atardecer Vegetariano", who bet to satisfy a need for vegetarian food at times that these products are not available in La Serena. The members of this esquipo were: Catalina Gonzalez, Patricia Aguirre, César Núñez, Verónica Núñez, Daniel Esquivel Salinas, Pablo Muñoz and Paula Zepeda, who pointed out that this was a very enriching experience not only in knowledge, but also in the generation of networks for the future, '' exceeded my expectations from the first moment, made me change my mind in what it was to undertake and innovate, I realized that sometimes it is easier than you think and have won is very good for the group, since it strengthened us much more and we are thinking about the future and see what can really be done, "he said.

On the other hand, the second place was awarded to the group '' Innova Kids '', formed by Bárbara de la Fuente, Nathalie Morales Jimenez, Daniel Mondaca, Yoselin Rojas, Lilian Olivares, Catalina Arredondo and Oscar Cristi Cabello, who said it was I am pleased to participate in '' Startup Phase Zero ''. '' A great experience, I met many interesting and important people, in the sense of the things that their dreams can bring, people of different ages and backgrounds and hopefully this kind of initiative can be replicated in the future, "he said.

And finally, the third place was taken by "Arma tu Pichanga", composed by Maximiliano Santander Saavedra, Saul Tapia Paredes, Víctor Valdés Rojas, Cristopher Pizarro Castillo, Claudio González Gómez and Cindy Guzmán.

Completion of the Program

'' Start Up phase 0 '', was implemented in the Coquimbo Region as an initiative aimed especially at students and designed to promote the formation of multidisciplinary teams that complement each other in order to solve market problems effectively and sustainably.

More than 180 young people from the area were benefited by the University of La Serena and the Government of Chile, through CORFO Region of Coquimbo, within the framework of the execution of its financing line "Program of Support to the Environment for the Entrepreneurship and Innovation ", an activity that sought to strengthen the ability to detect opportunities in the market and deliver solutions that generate value through the development of a new business, through the delivery of knowledge quickly and practically to all those who participated in the different training days, such as '' COACHING GLOBAL THNKING '' and '' START-UP ESSENTIALS ''.

In addition, the best ideas will be selected for a public or private funding search process, as well as a constant contact in orientation of their future projects.