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1 coquimbo equipment

The computer lab will directly benefit the students and academics of Psychology and Nursing careers.

In a pleasant atmosphere of camaraderie, the delivery and inauguration ceremony of the new computer equipment was developed, which the Computation Laboratory of the Coquimbo Campus of the University of La Serena has.

This is 28 computers Lenovo All In One Think Center Edge 72z, with Core I5 processor, with 6 GB, 500GB hard disk, which were installed to replace the old equipment that had the campus and will be used by students of Psychology and Nursing careers.

The ceremony was headed by the Rector of the University of La Serena, Dr. Nibaldo Avilés, who stressed the importance for the institution and its directors, provide adequate equipment and facilities to all its campuses, thereby improving the conditions for the development of teaching

In this specific aspect, the Rector pointed out the relevance of the development of a project that will benefit, as a whole, the careers that the site now houses. "I congratulate all those who participated in this project, which undoubtedly is an important advance, since this equipment is extremely necessary, given the particularities of the programs that these students use. I invite you to think about the logic of continuous improvement, the needs they have to build a new specific project and thus improve dependencies, furniture and equipment. Our University is in a very good moment, we have made significant progress in accreditation, research, quality and indicators, so I urge you to continue working with effort and in this way is an example for our institution to grow day to day, "he said.

2 coquimbo equipmentIt should be noted that in mid-February the Regional Government of Coquimbo approved the ULS, 4.250 million pesos of the National Fund for Regional Development (FNDR), intended to execute the construction project of a building of 5 thousand square meters, located in La Serena, to house the careers currently taught at the Coquimbo Campus. This news has been very well received by the Coquimbo Campus community, since it represents a great advance.

The new building will be a three-story building that will be located on campus of the Andrés Bello Campus of the University of La Serena and whose facilities will serve for careers in Nursing, Psychology and institutional common areas for teaching.

In this sense, the student Pablo Cataldo, president of the Student Center of the Nursing Career, said that with this new implementation, clear signals are shown regarding the needs of both careers. '' The improvement of this laboratory benefits us enormously, the technology advances very fast and the University of La Serena is at the forefront, with modern equipment that without a doubt all the students are grateful. With this, which adds to the approval of resources for the building, we feel supported and we see notorious signs that concern us all, "he said.

The student was also grateful for the tireless management of the academic Dr. Eugenia Urra and the officials Guillermo Cáceres, in charge of information technology of the Campus, and Elson Romero, who, among others, actively collaborated to achieve this desired initiative.

'' We are a community and we owe it to our students, it is for this reason that we do everything to have the best working conditions in this Campus that has very different needs, a particular dynamic and without a doubt this is the beginning of a new stage, where it is necessary to reflect to make a better University, "said the academic.

3 coquimbo equipmentDuring the day there was room to share and where directors of both schools, teachers and students, gave Rector Avilés their impressions and spontaneously indicated their projects and needs, including the improvement of rooms and furniture, with a new vision of good common.

"This occasion has been very gratifying and I think it is necessary to share more and carry out more activities together. Our directors, professors and officials gave us a lesson and we prove that willing is power. We saw them run to fulfill all the requirements of the project and make a great effort that today has this result. For the needs of our careers, we need different programs of high quality and they did it for us, the students of these generations and also for those who come and that is appreciated, "said Catterine Carvajal, student of 5to year of Nursing.

The director of the Nursing Department, Karen Gallardo, the director of the School of Nursing, Mg. Pilar Bonilla, the director of the Department of Psychology, Dr. Mauricio González, and the director of the School of Psychology, Mg. Susan Galdámez, who were also accompanied by academics, officials and students of both careers.