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Meeting organized by the Gabriel González Videla Municipal Corporation and the University of La Serena, will bring together researchers of the work of the Nobel Prize and teachers, with the aim of giving the figure of the poet in her pedagogical role.

Rescuing and promoting an aspect unknown to many of the life and work of the most important writer that the Coquimbo Region has had, is the main objective of the National Seminar entitled '' Legagógico Legacy of Gabriela Mistral '', which will take place this Friday of the 11 April, in the Pentagon Hall of the University of La Serena, Andrés Bello Campus.

With the slogan '' The future of children is always today, tomorrow will be late '', authored by Gabriela Mistral herself, the Municipal Corporation Gabriel González Videla, in partnership with the University of La Serena, is organizing this meeting, in who will meet seven renowned researchers of the work of the poet, to meet and share, along with authorities, teachers and students of Pedagogy, various methodological experiences with which Mistral, or rather Lucila Godoy Alcayaga, innovated in its pedagogical role , before becoming the famous writer.

The seminar was publicly announced this Wednesday, in a press conference, held at the front of the Liceo Gabriela Mistral in La Serena, where the Rector of the ULS, Dr. Nibaldo Avilés, the director of Education of the Municipal Corporation Gabriel González Videla, Patricio Bacho, and the exhibitors Rodrigo Iribarren (director of the Gabriela Mistral Museum of Vicuña), Rolando Manzano (director of the Mistral Center of the ULS) and Jacqueline Galleguillos (academic of the ULS and the Liceo Gabriela Mistral), invited the professionals of education and the educational community in general to participate in this meeting.

The invitation, said Patricio Bacho, is to rescue the pedagogical legacy of Gabriela Mistral, which, he said, coincides with the position that the Municipal Corporation has today and is in defense of public education.

legacy gm 2"We want to highlight the commitment she had to promote social promotion and that, in turn, children had better learning. We want to rescue that legacy and that the community values ​​its work as part of a powerful tradition of trainers that La Serena has, from the Normal School to the present and that we, as a Municipal Corporation, want to put in value, "said Bacho.

For his part, the Rector of the ULS, Dr. Nibaldo Avilés Pizarro, said that both in Chile and in the region is commemorating the 125 anniversary of the birth of the poet, therefore the house of studies did not want to be absent from the celebration.

'' Our University has in its mission the cultivation of arts and humanities and above all, artistic expressions, cultural and the rescue of regional letters, so we wanted to participate and value the pedagogical legacy of Gabriela Mistral through of this Seminar, with the idea of ​​knowing her deeply in her task as a pedagogue, "he said.

For his part, the academic and director of the Mistral Center of the University of La Serena, Rolando Manzano, highlighted the pedagogical career of Gabriela Mistral and the importance of this initiative.

"Preparing a seminar with the pedagogical ideology of Gabriela Mistral is very appropriate, even more so that it takes place in La Serena, because of its beginning in pedagogical work. The interesting thing is that it does not stay in only one seminar, the ideal is that we can extend it to other communes, other provinces and other regions. But there is a problem: I do not know if the authorities dare with the pedagogical method of Gabriela Mistral, '' he said.

In as much Jacqueline Galleguillos, academic of the ULS, relieved how to take the pedagogical thought of Gabriela Mistral in the teaching practice.

'' As part of the methodology and practice area of ​​the ULS, three years ago we are carrying out a proposal in the training of pedagogy students, to incorporate Mistralian thinking in the usual practices, to work with real students and this We have called Mistralian Methodological Days. We have developed this work with great success with the students and that will be my contribution in this Seminar, linking university, teaching and initial training, so that later when students enter the labor field, they can incorporate this life and pedagogical vision of Gabriela Mistral in the classrooms, "he said.

Once the Seminar is finished, subproducts of this one will be elaborated, that give account of its realization and contributions to the Chilean educational system. It is a video, photo files and a publication.