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Specialists and guests met at the University of La Serena to see the position of various exhibitors from Latin America, Europe and the United States regarding the figure of the outstanding teacher in her pedagogical role and her vision on education, spirit and thinking progressive.

In the Pentagon room of the Andrés Bello Campus of the ULS, the opening ceremony of the event was held, bringing together researchers, academics and students around the figure of the Nobel Prize, who began his work as a teacher in the Coquimbo Region.

Organized by the Gabriel González Videla Municipal Corporation and the University of La Serena, the Seminar was financed by the Regional Government of Coquimbo, through the Regional Fund of Cultural Initiatives, and was created within the framework of the birthday of the laureate daughter of the Valley of Elqui.

In his words, Dr. Jorge Catalán Ahumada, academic vice chancellor of the University of La Serena, pointed out the honor that it represents for the state institution to participate in this initiative, since since its inception he has highlighted as a fundamental axis of his academic work the cultivation of humanities, dissemination and rescue of regional arts and literature. '' For 25 years the ULS has been working with the enhancement of the life and work of Gabriela Mistral, it is precisely in the year 1989 when in the commemoration of the birth of the poetess, the creation of the Mistraliano Documentation Center was agreed upon. research, which has developed an intense work of dissemination and research, while allowing our institution to be the depositary of the Documentary Memory of the literary creation and the historical thought of the poet, '' he said.

gm 2 seminarDr. Catalán added that "thanks to this joint effort, today we will be able to focus on their vision of society and education and how the art of teaching can help rescue children from poverty to form citizens willing to build families. integral, lovers of the homeland and defenders of democracy.

For his part, Rodrigo Valenzuela, general secretary of the Gabriel González Videla Corporation, stressed the importance for the Municipal Corporation of being able to specify an initiative so relevant to the context of education and culture. "This seminar is not dedicated not only to those who practice the profession, but also to those who are being trained in the important work of pedagogy," he said.

He added that "it is for us a duty to transmit the legacy and work of Gabriela Mistral, especially to the new generations. It is necessary to deepen and transmit his work, because all his experiences have a depth and an undeniable recognition for the culture and the growth of the human being ".

Meanwhile, the governor of the province of Elqui, Américo Giovine, gave a special greeting from the Regional Mayor, Hanne Utreras, highlighting in his words the importance that the figure of Gabriela Mistral has for our region as an advance to our times and that in its educational legacy a valid message remains today, with respect to equity, democracy and service.

The event counted with the special participation of the students of the Academy of Music of the Luis Braille School of La Serena, who interpreted passages of the work '' Gabriela captiva del río '' by the composer María Inés Bravo, under the direction of Professor Leonardo Saavedra.

Subsequently, the first round of conferences by the exhibitors Pedro Pablo Zegers began with the presentation `` The Teaching, one of the highest poems ''; Dusan Martínivic, who presented "Gabriela Mistral, educator at the end of the world"; Thomas Harris, with "America comes first from the absence of true humanism"; and Rodrigo Iribarren, who referred to `` Gabriela Mistral and her humanist work with Spanish exile, in the light of a new epistolary. '' The table was moderated by Juan Mansilla Troncoso.

Then it was the turn of specialists Rolando Manzano and Luis Quezada with the theme '' Reading and rereading Tenderness or a lesson with an excuse face ''; the academic Jacqueline Galleguillos, who referred to '' A methodological approach to the pedagogical thought of Gabriela Mistral. Pedagogical Proposal: Methodological Mistral Symposiums ''; and Dr. Rolando Manzano who presented the paper '' Gabriela Mistral and his pedagogical proposal ''.

"Essentially I have considered talking to students and teachers to put into action the thought of Gabriela, I am agreed that with what she left written is possible to generate an experimental concept, because his concepts are fully valid a school for peace, with soul and nature, are concepts that are in it. Trying 'the pleasure of serving' and 'delightful learning' are concepts that are so human and can be applied even in this highly technological world, "said Dr. Manzano.

The conference was attended by the academic vice-rector of the University of La Serena, Dr. Jorge Catalán representing the Rector Dr. Nibaldo Avilés, who for reasons inherent to his position could not be present at the activity; the general secretary of the Municipal Corporation Gabriel González Videla, Rodrigo Valenzuela; the governor of the province of Elqui, Americo Giovine; the ambassador of Nicaragua in Chile, María Luisa Robleto; the ministerial regional secretary of SERNAM, Marcela Carreño; Dr. Marcela Aguirre, vice-rector for Economic and Administrative Affairs of the ULS; the administrative sub-prefect of Carabineros, Lieutenant Colonel Francisco Opazo; regional, community, educational authorities, academics, officials, special guests and students who followed the presentations presented attentively and shared with the panelists.