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The activity will take place in November and will feature leading speakers from Italy, France, Spain and Germany.

The academic and director of the Department of Mathematics of the University of La Serena, Dr. Marco Corgini Videla, was invited to participate in the international seminar "The Great War (1914-2014)", which will be held in November in Santiago, as part of actions to commemorate the centenary of World War I.

corginiThis seminar is part of the project '' The Great War (1914-2014): repercussions and imaginary from the end of the world '', which has scheduled activities from May to November. The international seminar stands out in this initiative, which will be held between the 4 and the November 6 at the San Joaquin Campus of the Pontificia U. Católica de Chile and which aims to address in its themes the reception, interpretation and consequences, both in the cultural, social and political sphere, as in the disciplines that organize the event (history, geography, political science), of one of the most important events in contemporary history.

Renowned specialists from various areas will be present, such as Enzo Traverso, Italian historian, professor of humanities at Cornell University; Pascal Ory, French historian, professor of contemporary history at the U. de la Sorbonne (Paris 1); Françoise Thébaud, French historian, emeritus professor of contemporary history at the U. de Avignon; Stefan Rinke, German historian, professor of Latin American history at the Freie Universität in Berlin; and Nicolás Sánchez Durá, Spanish philosopher, full professor at the University of Valencia.

Dr. Marco Corgini will participate in one of the tables of the seminar, invited by its organizer, the historian Patricio Arriagada. On the occasion, he will address the subject of science at that time change, contemplating in his talk `` From Ernst Mach to Niels Bohr and the Copenhagen School: Great ruptures or old controversies not resolved in science? '' Some chapters of his book published by Editorial Universidad de La Serena, '' Quantum Walk. On the paths of Shah i Zinda '' and his next job.

'' It is a period of changes and ruptures, not only for the great war but for the development of innumerable historical events such as, for example, the Russian revolution, all results of great social, political and economic conflicts not yet resolved. The illuminist ideal of equality, freedom and Jacobin fraternity of the eighteenth century was truncated, absorbed and transformed, prey to the inertial forces of a centuries-old history. However, science remained and developed, just as humanism did during the Renaissance. Regarding how this evolution was possible, its advances and setbacks in a troubled time, is what my exhibition will refer to, `` specifies the academic of the University of La Serena.

'' I can only congratulate the organizer of this activity, Patricio Arriagada, for this initiative and all the instances that sponsor it. It is an unbeatable opportunity to show that science, art, philosophy, history, are nothing more than perspectives of the same reality, the human one, '' adds the scientist.

In addition to the seminar, the conference "Remembering war: the Great war between memory and history in the twentieth century", which will be dictated by the history professor of the U. de Yale (USA), Jay Winter, stands out , in August. Between May and November there will be lectures on the First World War (National Library), workshops for secondary school teachers (Institute of History, PUC), the "Exhibition: Chile and the Great War" (October) and the play "Une femme en guerre ", by Marie Christine Barrault (October). Full details are available on the website www.lagranguerra.org.

The activities are organized by the Faculty of History, Geography and Political Science of the Pontificia U. Católica de Chile and are sponsored by the Regional Delegation of Cooperation pour le Cone Sud et le Brasil (France), Intitut Français Chile, Agence pour l'enseignement français à l'étranger (AEFE, France), Lycée Antoine de Saint-Exupery (French Alliance Educational Corp.), Centenaire 14-18 (France), Embassy of the United States of America, Chilean-British University of Culture , Goethe Institut, ANESTOC Stochastic Analysis Laboratory (PUC, USACH, U. Chile, UV, U. Concepción and ULS) and Incide.