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"Inclusive higher education: a path to build in community" is the title that will start the meetings of this academic year.

This month begins the 2014 cycle of the Colloquia of the Department of Mathematics of the University of La Serena, instance in which academics and researchers of this and other houses of studies have been able to publicize projects, research, technological advances and various aspects related to your performance areas.

Philosophy, psychology, astronomy, particle physics, mathematical physics, algebra, didactics, agrobusiness, TIC's, robotics applied to teaching and many others are the topics that have been addressed since the beginning of the colloquia, in 2012.

This is how the next 23 in April the presentations are resumed and who will inaugurate the cycle of this year is the academic of the Department of Education of the ULS, Georgina García Escala, presenting the theme '' Inclusive Higher Education: a path to build in community''. Your talk will begin at the 16: 15 hrs., In the Videoconference Room of the Depto. of Mathematics, located on the first floor of the building of Calle Cisternas 1200, La Serena.

'' This is the third year this activity takes place. We are interested, as before, in the participation not only of mathematicians but also of academics from different areas of knowledge, both from the institution and from outside. Our idea is to create spaces for the enrichment of academic life, generating links, not only to encourage cooperation in research but mainly to promote culture, the debate of ideas and critical thinking, "says the director of the Department, Dr. Marco Corgini

On the part of the ULS, to date they have already committed their participation during the year the academics Alfredo Gary Bufadel (kinesiology), Carlos López Caraballo (astronomy), Francisco Donoso Maluf (psychology) and Eduardo Notte Cuello, Marco Corgini Videla and Cristian González Avilés (all three in the fields of mathematics).

Meanwhile, guests from other houses of studies will also participate, such as Marko Rojas Medar (mathematics, U. Bío Bío), Pamela Reyes Galgani (philosophy, PUC-UDEC) and Raúl Monge Anwandter (computer science, UTFSM).

As always, the whole community can attend these talks. In addition, as in previous years, the talks will be recorded on video and broadcast on the website of the academic unit www.dmatuls.cl/ and on the channel www.youtube.com/matematicasuls. In the same way, some of the presentations this year will be transmitted from the Videoconference Room through Reuna.