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3 wetland design

To this activity, programmed in conjunction with the municipality of Serene and the Fundación Senderos de Chile, the guided walk to this wetland is added.

With the exhibition on the Wetland of the Elqui River Mouth, the School of Design of the University of La Serena, through the workshops of Communication and Equipment V, began the cycle of activities '' Social Development, Environment and Design '', organized in conjunction with the Municipality of La Serena and aimed at students of the ULS Design career.

The talk, developed in the Virtual Classroom of the Isabel Bongard Campus, was given by Pedro Valencia, from the Environment Unit of the Municipality of La Serena, and Manuel Rojas, from the Senderos de Chile Foundation, who referred to the policies and actions promoted by the municipality to take care of this ecosystem that owns 148 bird species, in addition to emphasizing the importance of creating ecological awareness among the citizens to care for, conserve and preserve this wetland.

Meanwhile, the director of the ULS School of Design, Ricardo Baeza, made a presentation of a Design case in the city of Barcelona (Besós River).

2 wetland designProfessor Christian Méndez explained that this activity is part of a first approach to the development of a collaborative work between the Municipality of La Serena and the School of Design, through the workshops of IV level. "The purpose is for students to achieve autonomy in the development of complex projects, linked to the environment," he said.

Guided wetland walk

The second activity scheduled in conjunction with the municipality and the Senderos de Chile Foundation, was the guided walk to the Elqui River Mouth Wetland, which started from the Fiscal Bridge and culminated in El Faro. In this field trip, both students and teachers were able to observe the great variety of birds that inhabit the wetland, corroborating what was said in the talk, and be surprised by the delicacy of their presence in the water mirrors and the totorales that protect them . '' On the other hand, it was found the shocking levels of contamination of the waters surrounding the facilities of the drinking water company, the tremendous destruction that real estate companies have done and continue to do in sectors that belong to the river and the invasive action and destructive that citizens who visit and transit through the place do every day, '' said Christian Méndez.

In addition, the academic said that the third phase of this space of participation that is generated between the School of Design and the institutions, is typical of the design actions that can be undertaken collaboratively, those that are framed in the projective action that has two dimensions: the first, concerning the academic activity itself, which has an eminently didactic purpose, where the project is a strategy to achieve the expected learning. And on the other hand, what concerns the project as such, which students develop and translates into a link with the specific environment, manifested through the proposed designs that can be of high impact.