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day of science d

Authorities, academics, families and students joined the program of activities that included lectures and guided visits to a series of laboratories that opened their doors to show and teach how to do science at the only state university in the Coquimbo Region.

Very early and with enthusiasm the community of La Serena arrived at the Andrés Bello Campus of the University of La Serena, to join the activities programmed by the house of higher studies to commemorate the first National Day of Science, Technology, Knowledge and the innovation.

The activity was headed by the Rector of the University of La Serena, Dr. Nibaldo Avilés, and the Ministerial Regional Secretary of Education, Luis Tello.

day of science d2On the occasion, Rector Avilés said that "our institution, as a state and regional university, through its Strategic Development Plan, has assumed a firm commitment to strengthening scientific development, mainly in the areas associated with the most relevant requirements. of research for regional development. Research development, in recent years, has been marked by the highest funding in the area, and the number of projects in execution and the highest scientific and technological productivity in the history of the institution. All this, despite the limited contributions of the State to their universities. "

In addition, the university authority emphasized that "product of the systematization of activities and the definition of mechanisms and guidelines, it has been possible to implement a policy of strong incentive to this activity and scientific productivity. This significant increase in scientific productivity, both in quality and quantity, has allowed us to achieve important research achievements, highlighted by various international and national rankings and studies, in what we could define as the stage of strengthening and consolidating institutional research " .

For its part, the Seremi de Educación, Luis Tello, on behalf of the Mayor, said that "we are celebrating this day with the support of state universities, who in the framework of Science Day, have come together to enhance so important instance. As a government, we are going to support the development of science because we have the need to strengthen programs that allow us to improve the quality of education ".

day of science d3Activity program

Among the initiatives programmed by the University of La Serena, was the talk given by the Director of Research and Development of the ULS, Dr. Amelia Ramírez, who presented the presentation "Science for an intelligent city". The center of the talk addressed the issue of how scientific development should be giving answers to the needs that humanity is raising, and for this the universities have worked on developing a series of initiatives that are directly beneficial to the local community.

After the talk of Dr. Ramírez, the different routes through the laboratories of the Department of Biology began, spaces where the participants could learn about the augmented reality project and an exhibition about the arthropods of the Chilean desert.

Continuing with the activities, the Department of Food Engineering prepared its laboratories around the theme "The route of superfoods", where the basis was to show how the raw material is transformed into products rich in bioactive compounds.

For its part, the Odontology career opened the Teaching Clinic, to expose the technological advances around oral medicine, and the Department of Physics and Astronomy prepared the talk "A walk through the universe".

The Department of Mechanics was also part of the tours, where the Intikallpa 4 solar car was on display.

day of science d4Opinion of the assistants

Jasmín Orrego and Cintia Flores, both of Saint Mery School, came to participate in the activity and after concluding the visit left their impressions: "we are very happy because we could appreciate how you work in the laboratories, we were impressed by the subject of how you can teach through the applications of a cell phone. He was very entertaining. "

Also, Jaqueline Carvajal, professor of Biology at the San Joaquín School, came as a family to participate in this event. "It is very interesting and attractive that the University of La Serena open its spaces to the community, I brought my children because they like science and one of them is close to leaving the middle room. This visit also helps to renew our knowledge, "he said.

It should be noted that this celebration of the National Science Day, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation, was organized by the Vice-Rector for Research and Postgraduate Studies at the University of La Serena and was held in union between the State Universities of Chile, who Together they decided to commemorate this day through the Research Network formed by the Vice Rectors and Directors of Research.

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