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engineering degree

This year, the University of La Serena Award went to the civil engineer of mines, Simón López Salinas, who received the distinction from the Rector, Dr. Nibaldo Avilés.

In the Aula Magna of the Ignacio Domeyko Campus, the two graduation ceremonies were held at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of La Serena, where 234 new engineers and architects received their professional degrees.

engineering degree2The 2018 promotion is made up of 26 new architecture professionals, 35 of Mining Execution Engineering, 37 of Mechanical Execution Engineering, 6 of Food Engineering, 15 of Construction Engineering, 3 of Civil Construction, 21 of Civil Engineering, 8 of Environmental Civil Engineering, 59 of Civil Engineering of Mines, 12 of Civil Industrial Engineering and 12 of Mechanical Civil Engineering.

During his speech, the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering of the state school, Dr. Mario Durán Lillo, expressed to the new professionals that "they can say with great pride that they are graduates of a more than centennial institution in the training of professionals in our country. . The above is not something minor, we are a state and regional institution that does not date from the 1981 year, but from 1887. We have a history of 131 years and these roots make an important difference and tradition when compared to other universities. "

The Dean congratulated the new professionals for having achieved this important goal of obtaining their professional degree and added that the "commitment of the Faculty of Engineering with you is to continue working in the processes of change that will allow us to continue to train integral professionals, seeking to generate development strategies in the fields of engineering and architecture, offering continuous training through postgraduate and postgraduate programs, with the main objective of forming a world-class human capital ".

engineering degree3Recognitions for graduates

In both events, the Faculty of Engineering of the ULS, represented by its Dean, gave awards to the best graduates of each race of this promotion, which fell to Alex Vivar Valencia (Architecture), Estefany Maluenda Diaz (Engineering Execution in Mines ), Héctor Valenzuela Araneda (Engineering of Mechanical Execution), Camila Cortés Herrera (Food Engineering), Felipe Jamett Egaña (Construction Engineering), Yennifer Pérez Rojas (Civil Engineering), Giacomo Baldo Castro (Environmental Civil Engineering), Simón López Salinas (Civil Engineering of Mines), Sebastián Ángel Cerda (Mechanical Civil Engineering) and Sebastián Villalba Zepeda (Industrial Civil Engineering).

Meanwhile, the graduate of Civil Engineering of Mines, Simón López, won the University of La Serena Award, established by the Office of the Chancellor and awarded to the graduate of each Faculty with the highest grade point average in his class. The distinction was delivered by the Rector of the ULS, Dr. Nibaldo Avilés Pizarro.

In addition, at the first ceremony, Felipe Jamett received the recognitions granted by the Chilean Civil Engineers Association, the Chilean Chamber of Construction and the INVECC Foundation, represented by Héctor Suazo Illanes (regional treasurer), Sergio Quilodrán Muñoz (regional president). ) and Luis Alcayaga Barraza (executive secretary), respectively. While Estefany Maluenda was the graduate distinguished by the College of Execution Engineers AG, represented by the ing. Gustavo Ángel Cortés, and Alex Vivar, the winner of the College of Architects of Chile AG

engineering degree4Also, in the second act of graduation, Simón López was awarded the prize of the College of Engineers of Chile AG and Yennifer Pérez of the distinction of the INVECC Foundation, recognitions received from the hands of Raúl Vergara Contreras (President Zonal Coquimbo - College of Engineers ) and Luis Díaz Zamora (director of the INVECC Board).

The ceremonies concluded with the farewell words of Rocío Andía Astudillo, Engineering Mechanical Execution, and Gloria Escobar Medina, Civil Engineering, representing the new professionals who graduated from the ULS.

The graduation events were attended by university authorities and the Faculty of Engineering, directors, Department and School directors, academics, parents and relatives of graduates of the 2018 promotion and representatives of professional associations, foundations and companies.

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