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breakfast journalism

Graduates and employers from the area participated in a breakfast to discuss topics pertinent to the labor field and learn about the new SIGIT platform.

In order to establish links between employers in the area of ​​communications and know the topics relevant to the work field of journalists, is that the School of Journalism, attached to the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences of the ULS, in conjunction with the Office of Graduate Follow-ups, organized the working group called "Linking with the regional: communications and their employability".

The meeting, which took place in the meeting room of the School of Journalism, brought together more than 20 professionals who work in the areas of communications, whether in print, audiovisual, TV press and also in the sector public, in matters of communication strategy.

breakfast journalism2On the occasion, the Director of the School of Journalism, Mg. Cristian Muñoz, made an exhibition about the new structure of the curricular network of the career and emphasized the graduation profile of professionals who are graduates of the University of La Serena. He also appreciated the presence of all those who attended the invitation and highlighted the way in which this first meeting marks the 1 milestone of many more that will come, since the idea is to continue with these meetings, with the idea of ​​being able to know from first source the requirements of the labor field that, according to their own words, are of a wide multidisciplinary spectrum and, likewise, maintain a positive synergy between two units that then systematize processes.

Likewise, the presentation of the Platform of the System for the Management of Information and Indicators of Graduates (SIGIT) was carried out. In the exhibition of the person in charge of the Office of Follow-up of Person in charge, Pamela Roco, and of the professional of support in employability, Viviana Vásquez, it was explained how the employers can do a follow-up of their requirements to the institution, corresponding to practices and offers labor, taking a reliable process and one hundred percent relevant to the profiles that are required at the time of recruitment.

breakfast journalism3Regarding this issue, the journalists present said that the SIGIT platform is a good option to maintain the link with the house of studies and thus have the opportunity to follow up the requirements of the different companies dedicated to communications, whether for job positions and professional or observation practices. This was evidenced by the editor of Diario El Día, Eleazar Garviso, who stressed that this platform will be of great help for the search of professionals and the follow-up that is required at the time of internship requests.

This first meeting gives the initial kickoff for upcoming activities, which for the participants themselves, was an instance not only of work and updating, but also of camaraderie and contact networks, emphasizing that these meetings are always important in the professional practice. This was pointed out by the journalist of SENDA, Felipe González, who thanked the invitation and also stressed that "establishing these relationships keep us up to date with what happens in the academy and the changes that the University has".

At the end of the presentation, the professionals were able to maintain an active and relaxed conversation with the organizers of the meeting and established a first approach to the established commitments, such as maintaining the nexus between the field of work, the academy and knowledge of the institutional management, which goes directly to the benefit of students and future professionals of the house of studies.

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