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Three leading astronomers will tackle the drama of dying stars and their explosive ending.

Like the longing, hoarse and wheezing breath of a dying man, the stars also reach a final point where all the splendor of a life devotes itself to shine in the depths of the Universe. It is summed up in a critical moment, where a last rattle roars loudly in the eternal struggle to survive.

The community will be able to discover the drama of the dying stars and its explosive end in a new appointment with the cycle of talks AstroINnova, which will be held on Thursday 11 in October, starting at 18.00 hours, at the Gabriela Mistral Regional Library.

The astronomers Giulano Pignata, Melina Bersten and Mark Philips will delve into the structure of the stars about to die to reveal the incredible world of stellar rales.

The activity of entrance released and open to the whole community, is organized by the Department of Physics and Astronomy of the University of La Serena and the Gemini Observatory, in collaboration with the Gabriela Mistral Regional Library.

More information on http://astroserena.weebly.com.