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"The administrative tax act", author Milenko Zurita, reviews the laws on administrative procedures, general bases of administration, Organic Law of Internal Taxes and Tax Code, among others.

In the Hall Multipurpose Campus Enrique Molina Garmendia of the University of La Serena, the launch of the book '' The tax administrative act '', the specialist Milenko Zurita was developed. The work offers an original proposal around the study of the acts emanating from the Internal Revenue Service (SII) and its submission to the rules of general administrative law.

Presented in the ULS, through the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences (FACSE), the text, according to the author, arose from the experiences, contents and experiences from his work.

The act began with the words of the director of the career of Law of the FACSE, Mg. Gonzalo Plaza, who introduced the audience to the scope of the text, the Tax Reform and its influence on the daily life of people, linking these regulations with concepts such as equity, equality and justice.

book tax regulations 2Subsequently, the lawyer and Mg. Ximena Rodríguez, current head of the Legal Department of the Regional Directorate of the Internal Revenue Service (SII), introduced the author, with whom she has shared functions since 2009. In his words he highlighted the multifaceted nature of Zurita, his rigor in work and permanent interest in knowledge. From 2011 they are close collaborators, enriching the team of the Coquimbo Region.

During the presentation of the volume, Zurita gave a didactic talk, in which he toured the various stages of the structure of the structure of the SII, collection of taxes and laws that regulate the role of taxpayers. It should be noted that the author of "El administrative tax act '', he has a degree in Legal and Social Sciences from the University of Concepción. In 1998 the Supreme Court grants you the title of lawyer. He has served as head of the Regional Office of the SII of Antofagasta and has also served as a tax judge and advisory counsel to the group of medium-sized companies of the Regional Office of the SII of La Serena. He has also worked as an academic in Higher Education institutions.

The activity, framed in the celebration of the fourteenth anniversary of the FACSE, concluded with the delivery of copies of the book to the academic vice-rector of the University of La Serena, Dr. Jorge Catalán Ahumada, and the dean of the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences , Mg. Jorge Fernández Labra.