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The initiative brings together cultural actors of society and all municipal schools in the sector, which participate through the families of schoolchildren themselves.

Cultural, educational and social actors of the community participate in the '' Mesa de Cultura y Educación de Las Compañías '', which had its second meeting at the Mistral Center of the University of La Serena and is organized by the Regional Studies Center and Development of the Education of the house of superior studies, CREDEULS.

The activity is part of the project '' Educational climate of the home and family expectations: articulation in a network for the expansion of the cultural and educational interests of students of the Las Compañías sector, La Serena '' executed by CREDEULS and funded by the Carmen Goudie Foundation .

As explained by the director of the Center and academic of the University of La Serena, Dr. María Teresa Juliá, this project "is aimed at diversifying and enriching the family educational climate, from two fronts: within the school, through the associations of attorneys, and from outside, by strengthening the cultural networks that exist in The Companies. This activity, which we call 'Mesa de Educación y Cultura', has the purpose of precisely positioning education as a central theme in social discussions at Las Compañías and promoting all cultural resources. ''

This is how the project can support and even finance some initiatives that arise from the table and, also, act as a bridge between other ideas generated in the instance and different funding sources.

Dr. Juliá details that, for the development of the activities of the table, CREDEULS has summoned the different social organizations of the sector (the House of Culture of the Companies, the Mistral Center, etc.) and representatives of the Centers of Parents, so that schools participate through their families, seeking "the meeting between these two worlds: the school and the local culture".

2 culture tableIt is important to mention that the work in this area already extends for three years, working jointly from the Mistral Center, focusing "all the actions in the Companies precisely because we consider that the territory surrounding this Center, which is the ULS It is a very good bridge between the University and the community, "says the director of CREDEULS, who adds that the teams led by other academics have also joined the sector, carrying out actions in various areas.

The nexus began with a project in which the educational establishments Arturo Prat, Alonso de Ercilla and Villa San Bartolomé participated, to which the Darío Salas and Carlos Condell schools have joined, with the current initiative, thus gathering everyone the municipal establishments of the sector.

On the other hand, the students of the University of La Serena have been involved in the project in different ways. Students of Psychology have carried out their professional practice (educational psychology) and their research seminar (in subjects such as monitoring and evaluation of the impacts of the actions), Ped students. in Parvularia Education have carried out activities of community pedagogy linked to this project. In the second semester, a full fourth year Psychology course will be joined as well, as will a group of Ped student volunteers. in Basic General Education.

The director of CREDEULS points out that the idea is to promote education in a broad sense, inviting the community to develop cultural activities for the families of the Companies as well as to form an integrative and supportive network oriented to local culture and access and cultural enrichment of the students themselves and their families.

For Dr. Juliá, the educational role in the family must be highlighted, since education can not be approached only by the school, but by all. For this reason, this model proposes "supporting the family in: upbringing, bonding with the community, participation in decision-making, learning and collaboration with the school, and communication," allowing mothers and fathers to meet others cultural actors.

Cultural interests of families
At the meeting, Psychology student, Daniza Araya, presented the results of a study prepared by students of the race on cultural interests of families of participating schools, which was carried out by surveying parents of children in the second cycle (5º to 8º basic).

Araya mentioned that the cultural consumption of families is characterized by technology (internet), music, magazines, comics, books and newspapers. He also noted that the 80% of respondents said they have access to books.

The main cultural activities in which the respondents participate are the proxy meetings, kermesses and acts in the school. As spaces of cultural development, they pointed to prefer public and open places as parks, along with parades, religious dances, circus, museum and cinema.

Daniza Araya also stressed that, in terms of the support networks they use in times of difficulty, the couple, the teacher and the psychologist are mentioned, which reinforces the idea of ​​working in the dynamic family-school-community.