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ucv talk

In the instance participated students of Pedagogy in Differential Education of this institution, who could ask questions and clarify doubts about inclusion and its different prisms.

In order to raise awareness of the importance of inclusion and the measures being promoted by the University of La Serena, the informative talk on the "Comprehensive Support Program for ULS Students in the framework of Universal Inclusion and Accessibility Project was held. ULS1799 ", directed to students of the career of Pedagogy in Differential Education of the Catholic University of Valparaíso.

The instance, led by the academic Dr. Georgina García Escala and the support professionals, Alejandra Galleguillos and Sandra Salazar, brought together more than 20 students, representatives of the career of the UCV. The objective of the talk was to provide information to the students about the objectives, characteristics and processes developed within the ULS1799 program, where all the academic, local, regional, national and international levels are linked in favor of the inclusion processes.

The talk held at the Irma Salas Library allowed the group of students to become aware of the importance of their role as future differential educators in the development and promotion of inclusion processes, which facilitate the development of competencies for the development of the person in vocational training, in the labor and social field.

The students showed great interest in all the activities developed by the program, highlighting the integrality and coverage of the same in all its processes.