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The publication is part of the series Monographs and study texts of the Directorate of Research and Development of the University of La Serena.

The publication revives the experiences of teachers normalistas through various testimonies of those who were responsible for training and educating hundreds of young people in the Coquimbo Region. The book that bears the name "The pedagogical spirit in the biographical narrative of teacher normalistas" was presented in an emotional ceremony held at the former Normal School of La Serena and attended by authorities, academics, students, former normalistas and their families.

pedagogic book2The academic of the Department of Education of the ULS, Dra. Silvia López de Maturana, was in charge of giving life to the significant work, and in the opportunity she referred to the origin of the publication. "It is a book whose only aim is to pay tribute to the normalist teachers who spent most of their lives educating, preserving the desire to learn and making sense of the act of teaching. My interest focused on listening with genuine interest the stories of the teachers who studied at the Normal School, to transcend the single career, that is, I was interested to know what surprised them, why they were sorry, what cheered them, how they lived day by day, what happened inside the School; everything that is not in the books, but in the collective and oral memory that is transmitted from generation to generation. In that way, I was learning and enriching myself pedagogically, "he said.

The activity included the words of the normalist teacher Susana Pacheco, who was responsible for carrying out the prologue of the book. "Our generation came out with the new conception of education, where the human mind is recognized as a living force and the child as a being who thinks, reasons, judges and possesses all possible and necessary faculties (...), education received in the Normal School of La Serena put in its central axis, the character formation of the future teacher and for this she accompanied it daily in the exercise of those practices that in daily life tend to awaken all noble feelings ", was part of the story of the teacher who experienced this valuable training herself.

Likewise, the words of the historian of education and winner of the National Education Award (2015), Iván Núñez, were projected on the occasion, who contextualized the theme of the normal schools at the time when the professors carried out their training. "The profession of normalistas did not have perhaps the demands and complexities of the university professions of today, but they were the profession closest to the needs of the majority popular world," he said.

pedagogic book3The ceremony was attended by the very protagonists that are part of the stories. One of them is Elba Carmona, who through poetic words expressed with much feeling the spirit of what it was like to be a normalist. The copy of the book was also presented as a present to the representatives of the families of Isabel Barraza and Daphnne Castillo, and to the professors Cecilia Zúñiga, María Cristina Vallejos and Susana Pacheco, for being active collaborators of the publication.

It should be noted that this work also had the support of the fourth year student of the career in Pedagogy in Early Childhood Education, Paola Araya, who transcribed part of the testimonies. "This task has been one of the most enjoyable that I have had to perform, during each afternoon in the teacher's office, I was projecting discovering how the educational process happened a long time ago and for me, as an educator in training, it was exciting to see how the teachers still maintained the pedagogical spirit over the years, "he said.

To finish, the teacher María Paz Cerda delighted the audience with the interpretation of a song of the time, culminating the launch with a tour of the Sala de la recuerdo of the Ex Normal School.

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