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fondef contest

Professionals of the Fund for the Promotion of Scientific and Technological Development (FONDEF) are distributed throughout the country to publicize the scope of the First FONDEF IDeA competition, aimed at scientists and researchers and whose call will be opened shortly.

Executives, academics and researchers met in the Alejandro Cobarruvias room of the ULS, in order to know the scope of the call for the financing of applied research projects.

During the talk, the project executive and coordinator of the health area of ​​FONDEF, Alfredo Liu, presented in detail the characteristics of the contest, the objectives of the first and second stage, and fundamentally the application requirements, amounts that can be accessed who present an initiative, subsidy system, execution deadlines and financing items, among others.

'' At this stage of dissemination, our main objective is researchers, we have resources to allocate to good projects and we hope to receive very proposals from all regions, which will achieve excellent results. That also positions us as an instrument for allocating public resources for applied research in our country, '' said Liu.

It should be noted that the projects can reach an amount of 150 million pesos for execution in a period of 24 months. These could have continuity in a second stage, to continue climbing in the development of the technology that is expected to be obtained.

Attendees at the meeting were also able to internalize the details of the process, knowing specific aspects of the application platform through a brief training.

This competitive fund requires the active participation of universities, supporting initiatives and focusing their efforts on solving local problems, which is why the Vice Chancellor of the University of La Serena, Dr. Jorge Catalán, valued the opportunity for researchers of knowing and accessing these resources. '' Hopefully this is a great incentive for academics to participate in FONDEF projects, as these link scientific development with technological development and that naturally has a significant impact on the community. As we are interested, for our declared social responsibility, that the university contributes to the regional and national community, this is a very good way to have projects that can be sustainable and to be able to realize initiatives that are of social benefit in the most wide possible. ''

As indicated by the FONDEF executive, those who benefit, receive advice and support during the period of execution of the ideas, thanks to the participation of an area committee that works hand in hand with each initiative. "We want research and infrastructure capabilities to be developed in the regions," Liu said.

The activity attended by academics from various areas of knowledge, was organized by the Research Directorate of the University of La Serena and, as Dr. Eduardo Notte points out, `` there are stages that the University has to go through, we have been doing a lot of development in basic research and now it is important for people to apply for application projects. This is an activity that is done to encourage and inform that there are instances of participation where application projects are financed so that the work teams present their projects, verify how applicable they are and if they require external resources to carry them out. '' .