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The activity was attended by the Rector of the ULS, Dr. Nibaldo Avilés, and the invited lecturer Mg. Lic. Ricardo Marcelo Coca, dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the National University of San Juan, Argentina.

With the participation of the new students of the Master "Leadership, Strategic Management and Communication in Organizations", the welcome ceremony was developed for this postgraduate program that is dictated in its 5ta version after several years of successful results.

The activity had as special guest, the dean of the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences of the National University of San Juan Argentina, Ricardo Marcelo Coca, who in his speech addressed the importance of the generation of knowledge and scientific and technological development, find linked to social development. In this regard, Dean Coca stressed that "it is very important that the business issue is not disconnected from the ethics and development of people and in this regard we have social commitments that require us to be more responsible each day."

On the occasion, the director of the Magister Dr. Luperfina Rojas, said that this program "allows us to give an alternative of continuity of studies for our graduates; It is a transversal master's degree, in which we have students who are commercial engineers, psychologists, journalists, lawyers, among other professionals, which allows us to address such important issues as leadership, communication and strategic direction and as a transversal axis ethics. '

magister 2Dr. Rojas added that "for us this process has been very important, this is the fifth generation of students who have entered and we have important challenges such as the accreditation of the program and the opportunity to dictate it in Argentina at the National University of San Juan . We are happy, we have progressed well with the graduates, which shows us that we are on the right track, given that the people who have entered have been climbing in their professional life, that is important because it shows that from this Magister they they manage to differentiate themselves. ''

With this postgraduate program, the professional acquires extensive skills to develop a strategic vision, manage it, train and lead work teams, developing effective communication skills and mastery in the development of messages that position and empower your organization.

For this, this graduate will have a solid theoretical base complemented with an ethical - value view that will allow him to act correctly in the application of the relevant processes and theories to create, maintain and optimize, from a strategic point of view, internal and external communications of any organization, public or private, in a way that positively impacts the social and economic profitability of the organization.

Its duration is four semesters and the mode of operation is every week, on Fridays and Saturdays.

It should be noted that the activity also included the participation of the Rector of the University of La Serena, Dr. Nibaldo, Avilés Pizarro, the academic vice-rector, Dr. Jorge Catalán, the dean of the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences, Mg. Jorge Fernández, and university authorities.

Magisterial Talk

Within the framework of the activities developed on the same day, in the course of the afternoon the Magisterial Talk '' Universities of Argentina '' was given by the Dean Coca to the students of the careers of the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences in the 2014 anniversary frame.

The activity was marked by a large turnout of authorities, academics and students, who could learn through this exhibition the development of Higher Education in Argentina.