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worker day 1

In the Courtyard of the Official, located in the Campus Isabel Bongard, the celebration of the Day of the Worker in the University of La Serena was realized, activity organized by the Direction of Human Resources and in which a great amount of members of the university community participated , who enjoyed a pleasant moment of relaxation.

In the opportunity, the director of Human Resources, Héctor Bugueño, made a reflection of what it means to work in a public university. '' 'Working in a public institution means sharing a scenario in which diversity is respected, public values ​​are promoted, it implies working in a space fully committed to knowledge, living in a quality environment and managed according to criteria of equity and pluralism, "adding that it is a worker day 2participatory and tolerant space, "is the place where we share a vision of the future, experiences and traditions."

In addition, he argued that as workers we must think big, based on each of the specific functions we perform, "since in our condition as a worker, we are contributing to the construction of the University we dream of."

Meanwhile, the president of the Association of ULS Officials, Cecilia Hernández, said that as officials "we have a great opportunity ahead, do not waste it, the opportunity to demonstrate the quality of people and workers that we are," stressing that in this way it helps to transform the University into an institution of excellence.

University authorities, headed by the Rector, Dr. Nibaldo Avilés, directors, academics, presidents and members of the trade associations, officials of the institution and representatives of the Compensation Fund Los Andes, Coopeuch, Mutual de Seguridad and SENDA, were present in this celebration in which they enjoyed the melodies of the groups '' Carpediem '' and '' The Blue '', made up of academics and officials, and the Orchestra of the Luis Braille School of La Serena, integrated by students of the establishment, under the address of Professor Leonardo Saavedra, who received the applause of those present, worker day 3as well as the theatrical cast of the Extension Directorate '' ÉTÉULS '', which was presented with the play '' En Redes con Polígona ''.

During this act, in addition, the Mutual of Security of the Chilean Chamber of Construction, presented a recognition to the Rector, Dr. Nibaldo Avilés, and the members of the Ovalle Joint Committee, since the latter was certified at the 1 Level '' Bronze '' for its efforts, commitments, innovations, and the optimization of its management, based on the guidelines provided by the Mutual and the Department of Risk Prevention of the house of studies.

In the same way, different prizes of the Los Andes Compensation Fund, Coopeuch and Óptica "D'Ibañez" were raffled among the attendees, gifts that were handed out by the representatives of these entities and the Human Resources Department.

Finally, the officials could enjoy a snack prepared for this day of camaraderie.