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1 right seminar

With the presence of prominent exhibitors, the meeting allowed us to review the main aspects of Contemporary Criminal Law.

In the Multipurpose Room of the Enrique Molina Garmendia Campus, the `` I Seminar on Criminal Law: The principle of legality and criminal policy issues was held. Challenges and proposals of contemporary criminal law '', organized by the students of the Law degree, attached to the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences (FACSE) of the University of La Serena, with support from the School administration.

On the occasion, the director of the Law School of the ULS, Gonzalo Plaza, introduced the students of different houses of higher studies, guests and specialists, in the concept of Criminal Law, noting that with this initiative future lawyers acquire tools and updates necessary for optimal professional practice.

2 right seminarSubsequently, lawyer Carlos Esperguen, a long-standing academic and specialist in the field, delivered the conference `` The deceit in the crime of fraud through computer means, an unsolved problem '', giving account of the numerous edges and forms to interpret the legislation in force before the use of technology as a means to commit infractions and frauds of different sizes.

The day continued with the visit to the area of ​​Raúl Carnevali, Dr. in Criminal Law of the University of Navarra, Spain, and academic in different institutions of the country, who has stood out for being the author of books, articles and co-investigator in important projects related to the central theme, including: "Extraterritorial Jurisdiction and International Criminal Law" with the sponsorship of the Universidad de los Andes; "The causal relationship in civil liability for damages" with the sponsorship of the Universidad de los Andes; "The new challenges that the new social structures impose on Criminal Law" with the sponsorship of the University of Talca; and "The Principle of complementarity: a paradigm shift in international justice" with the sponsorship of the University of Talca.

3 right seminarThrough the conference '' The principle of legality and its current challenges '', the specialist shared with the students and academics his vision regarding the challenges facing jurisprudence and the prevailing legislative system in our country.

For, Constanza Correa, member of the organizing committee and second year student of the race, it is essential that students have these learning spaces that complement the curriculum of the race. '' We are interested in continuing to develop this type of activities, last year we already organized an event that was very successful and this time, we wanted our new partners to integrate and acquire these concepts that are in our network and are fundamental for our future, '' he said.

At the opening of the meeting, framed in the celebration of the 14 ° anniversary of the FACSE, the Vice Chancellor for Economic and Administrative Affairs of the ULS, Dr. Marcela Aguirre, the dean of the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences, Mg. Jorge Fernández, macrounit authorities, academics, students and special guests.