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The implementation will allow teaching in specific areas of communication such as television, computer and writing, among others.

In a significant ceremony attended by university authorities, headed by the Rector, Dr. Nibaldo Avilés, managers, academics and students of different levels, the delivery and inauguration of the new computer equipment was developed, with which the Computer Lab of the race has of Journalism of the University of La Serena.

The delivery of this equipment was made within the framework of the policy of improvement of quality and especially the improvement of teaching spaces of laboratories, driven by the current administration, through various programs, such as the program of Institutional Specific Projects and the project of Integral Teaching Support for Learning and Infrastructure at the service of undergraduate students '' Alma Mater ''.

The new equipment corresponds to All in One HP work stations and the respective ProPlus 2013 Office Licenses, according to characteristics and specifications approved by the Teaching Directorate. This will allow students to work with higher quality standards, considering that the time they spend in the laboratory is considerable, given the requirements of specific chairs, including writing, computers and digital photography, among others.

At the ceremony, the Rector of the University of La Serena, Dr. Nibaldo Avilés, stressed the importance for the institution and its managers, optimize the development of teaching and provide students with technological tools according to their needs and requirements.

2 journalism'' I congratulate the race, its director, academics and students, I invite you to use in a good way, making the most of the game and valuing the effort put into the development of projects that allow this improvement, which not only favors the Computer Lab, but also the Photography Laboratory and the Television Studio, "said the Rector.

In this sense, two digital video cameras are added to the computers, destined to the Television Studio, located in the Andrés Bello Campus, which will be used for recordings of programs developed by the students in their chairs.

For his part, the dean of FACSE, Mg. Jorge Fernández, highlighted the fact that the School of Journalism of the University of La Serena, has specific facilities that give an added value to the possibilities that their students have, allowing them to learn in a practical way what they will find in the future by joining the working market. Also, the authority stressed that the race is in the process of accreditation, where it has been demonstrated the excellence achieved in the regional and national context.

Meanwhile, the director of the School of Journalism, Dr. Arlyn Orellana, emphasized that this equipment was highly anticipated, since a communication-oriented career requires to be constantly updated and in tune with the advancement of the mass media. He also thanked the authorities for the support provided and stressed that the different levels have worked together to carry out the self-assessment and future accreditation processes, including the Vice-Rectory for Economic and Administrative Affairs and the Academic Vice-Chancellor's Office, represented by its authorities, Dr. Marcela Aguirre and Dr. Jorge Catalán, respectively.

The students present were satisfied with the renovation. '' We value the effort made by the University to deliver these new equipment that will be very useful for all of us and that is why I also call on all our colleagues to take advantage of what we have, give it a good use and also take care of them, so that they serve the next generations of our career, "said Francisco Pizarro, president of the Journalism Student Center.