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The Andes

The initiative, presented at 2013 by two professionals from the Human Resources Department, will strengthen activities that are part of the `` Work with Quality of Life '' Program, which directs this unit.

Through the presentation of social projects by affiliates, individually or collectively, Caja Los Andes, seeks to improve the welfare of members and their family burdens, providing financial support to social projects that meet the requirements established in In this context, the Human Resources Department of the University of La Serena, through the professionals, María Graciela Zúñiga, Training Coordinator, and Mary Carmen Contreras, social worker of the Welfare Department of the Personnel, presented in October of 2013, a project destined to strengthen activities that are framed in the Program `` Work with Quality of Life '', which directs this unit, awarding the sum of $ 2.750.000, amount that will go in direct benefit of the academic and non-academic officials of the ULS.

The projects participating in the competing activities should be characterized as initiatives leading to the need for members of Caja Los Andes and their accredited family burdens, related to: Education, Health, Culture, Sports, Recreation or other Security Social.

Some of the activities that are part of the awarded project are: Anniversary Cycle, Entertaining Winter Vacation, Benefit Fair, among others. This was detailed during the delivery of the certificate attesting to the awarding of this Fund, which was held in units of the Central House of the State establishment with the presence of university authorities, headed by the Rector, Dr. Nibaldo Avilés, branch manager La Serena of Caja Los Andes, Juan Carlos Pesantes, the director of Human Resources, Hector Bugueño, the head of the Department of Staff Welfare, Matías Ríos, the professionals in charge of the project, the president of the Association of Officials, Cecilia Hernández, and members of the AFULS.