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natural chemistry

The instances are framed within the subject "Practice and Assistantship" of the career.

Different practical experiences were carried out by the students of Ped's career. in Chemistry and Cs. Natural of the institution, with the purpose of replicating own exercises of the profession in different educational establishments. In this context, the scientific fairs organized by the Liceo Gabriela Mistral, the American School and the Calasanz School were visited, and the Saint John's School was also received in the premises of the University.

chemistry csnaturales2"The students of this subject assemble the practical experience, which is done with some chemical reagents of laboratory work and others with chemical products from the home environment, considering all the relevant safety standards. In the activities they develop both their procedural skills as well as the conceptual and attitudinal ones, since they start their work as teachers from the initial training ", explained the coordinator of the race, Dr. Patricia Pizarro.

For the rest, the participation of the sixth level students, who are studying the subject "Practice and Assistantship", has also integrated first year students and those who are doing the subject of Didactics.

The experience was qualified by the students as very valuable for their training, since it allowed them to strengthen the knowledge acquired in the classroom in a practical way. "These spaces seem a very good opportunity, because many colleagues from other careers do not have these practical instances while they are studying, so this brings us closer to the world where we are going to have to work and also allows us to see if we really have the vocation to be teachers, "said student Carolina Calderón.

chemistry csnaturales3While the student Javiera Íter, who is in the last year of the race, noted that "as a future teacher, these experiences help me in training, because it allows us to expand, lose the fear and see my mistakes, which we have had to resolve in situ. Therefore, these instances help us see if we are good with our knowledge and is the opportunity we have to see what teaching techniques or teaching we can use.

On the other hand, the graduate of the degree, Paulina Zúñiga, valued the possibility that schoolchildren could know the dependencies of the University and carry out practical exercises in the Chemistry laboratories. "The practical part is super important, one usually bombs the students with theory all year. The fact that they see what is happening, the reactions themselves, is doubly significant, since there is a double knowledge when carrying out demonstration experiences and allows them to assimilate the theory a lot and to understand the reason for certain reactions or situations, "said the teacher of Saint John's School, who accompanied the students of the third year of the Chemistry elective of that establishment.

The coordinator hopes to continue participating in this type of activities during the current year, since in addition to enhancing the initial training of future teachers, has allowed to link with graduates of the race, who have been able to deliver their vision regarding their own experiences faced in the workplace.

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